Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't Hate - Collaborate!

Attention: LADIES!  Why are there so few female leaders? 

Research shows: We get in our own way! In 2008, just 2.8% of firms in the S&P 500 were led by female CEOs.

Stop hating and start collaborating!

A 2011 study published in the Economic Journal shows that women rise up to and surpass men as leaders when we work together towards a common goal. When we choose to go at it alone, cattiness and unhealthy competitiveness arises, blocking our own road to success.

During the winter of 2010, I went Stand-Up Paddleboarding with my girlfriends, Jenny and Kristy in La Jolla Shores. It was a warm Decemeber day and just messing around, we tried doing yoga on the boards and saw how fun (and surprisingly easy!) it was. After a super fun day on the ocean, I rushed home to google “Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga” and see if there was anything of the kind in San Diego. Secretly hoping there wasn’t, I was excited to be a pioneer and start up the first classes of its kind.

Low and behold, I found Paddle Into Fitness, founded by Gillian Gibree, a world-class competitive paddleboarder and yogi.  As tempting as it was to try to start my own gig, something inside me recognized that she was doing it big and it would be wise to team up. Think: “If you can’t beat ‘em, Join ‘em.” Listening to my intuition, I took a chance and reached out to Gillian. She turned out to be incredibly kind, receptive and welcoming of me onto her team! Over a year later, I am proud to say that our company, Paddle Into Fitness has become an even bigger leader in the SUP Yoga industry, and Gillian has become a personal mentor to me, and a dear friend. Moral of the Story: A little humility and the courage to reach out and connect and collaborate with fellow females can go a long way.

Today’s challenges:

#1) In your personal life - Reach out to someone you have hated on in the past. Send them a genuine compliment.

#2) In your professional life, find a like-minded woman who can become your ally/mentor instead of your competition.  Make friends. Play nice. And don’t be surprised when great things start to come your way.

To view the complete article and research that inspired this piece:

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