Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy, Healthy Turmeric Turkey Burgers

Summer is in full swing which means bikinis, beach days and bar-be-ques with friends! 4th of July just passed and I whipped together these easy, healthy Turmeric Turkey burgers for my friend Chantel's party and they were a huge hit! It took me less than 5 minutes to prep them and about 10 minutes on the grill. OK, not gonna lie, the boys were manning the grill while we were sunbathing, so I can't give you an exact estimate but it was quick :)

I've been eating mostly plant-based and pescatarian for the past 4 years, but this summer, I've been teaching a lot of yoga and out on the ocean mermaid-ing it up more, and find myself craving lean animal protein more often than usual. If there's one thing I've learned from yoga, it's that we need to listen to our bodies. And last Friday, on the 4th of July, my body said - give me a delicious turkey burger, now!

photo source 
Lean turkey is naturally low in fat and high in protein, while turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory. Together, the two make a powerful duo that will keep your nourished and strong from the inside out. Here are the ingredients I used:

1.5 lbs organic ground turkey
1 organic brown egg
1 bushel of cilantro
1 tablespoon of turmeric, in powder form
1 cup of chopped red onion
cracked black pepper
low sodium Worcestershire sauce (or Braggs liquid aminos)
*2 whole avocados for topping

In a mixing bowl, place the ground turkey and crack the egg overtop. Mix together with your hands until the turkey is moist. Then, add the Worcestershire sauce. At this point, the turkey should be plenty moist and able to stick together into patties. If not, add more liquid or a 2nd egg, if needed. Fold in the chopped onions, cilantro and spices. If you eat cheese, a fun compliment is to shape the turkey into patties, then press a bit of cheese into the middle of each one. My favorite is a honey goat cheese made locally here in San Diego. Put on the grill until fully cooked then enjoy!

*zen girl time-saving tip: I generally like to make double what we will eat. You can re-heat the left overs and make turkey tacos for the next day's lunch or dinner. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sunday Bliss: farm yoga + organic dinner

Join us for sunday bliss: farm yoga + organic dinner on July 27 at Farmer Leo's in Cardiff by the Sea.

what to expect? an evening of community, sustainability and going back to the source - the perfect way to unwind with friends on a warm summer night!

5pm: yoga class with live music
6pm: farm tour and sustainability discussion
630pm: time to feast! 
 100% locally-sourced plated dinner crafted by Arleigh Rose, Marianna Urrutia and Farmer Leo Goldsmith, to be enjoyed alongside organic craft cocktails. Dinner menu will be summer-themed, highlighting vegetables that are ultra-fresh right now, with a plant-based OR fish option. Every ingredient will be handmade and sourced from Farmer Leo's land and other surrounding farms.

$55 --  full experience 
(yoga, farm tour, feast) 
questions? contact Mandy at 858.523.8650 or

[ to view some more photos from our last 
sunday bliss event back in june, click here. ]

Hope to see you on July 27!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

full circle moments: slim goodbody, yoga journal and family ties that bind

This week, I'm spending time with my husband's family at their beautiful lake house near Camden, Maine. We're surrounded by leafy green trees, the air is crisp and the energy is peaceful and grounding. Just like the cool New England soil under our toes, this time with my in-laws has been incredibly grounding as it reminds me that "full circle moments" happen for a reason. One person that's had a huge indirect impact on me becoming a yoga teacher would be my father-in-law. Growing up as a young actor and artist in New York City in the 1960's and '70s , he found yoga as the perfect tool to help tone his body and also center his extremely creative and sometimes-scattered artist mind as he developed the children's character Slim Goodbody.

So much so that Yoga Journal magazine issued a 3 page article on him in December 1982 entitled, "Super Yogi". Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the spread:

[you can read the full article here]
"Yoga taught me that my body was sacred and special, and it was up to me to be a good guardian of it." 

"Through my songs and skits, I basically try to show kids how your body is full of wonders and what makes you wonderful. Once you have an awareness of how terrific you are, then naturally your attitude begins to change.  You realize that you deserve the best life has to offer, and that health is not a sacrifice, and can make you happy.

"Do yoga. If you're involved with yoga, you're probably already in touch with the child within you. Who else would sit in those crazy positions?!"

"Certainly Hatha Yoga can get your body in shape and your mind to stop dancing around. But another beautiful thing about it is that it can lead you back to your original mind."

Chatting with him yesterday about being featured in Yoga Journal magazine in 1982 as a great moment in his 4 decade long career in children's health and entertainment reminded me of being asked to teach at Yoga Journal Conference in San Diego in the summer of 2012. That weekend conference is still (and probably will always be) one of my favorite moments in my yoga teaching career that's spanned only 4 years thus far.

This full circle moment with my father-in-law makes me wonder what my life will look like 40 years from now. What will some of the highlights be? What positive contributions will I have left on this world? All of this gives me fuel to make the most of each day we're given, and to always leave things better than when you found them, just like he did.

slim & mandy taking an iyengar yoga class in Camden, Maine - july 2014.

Monday, July 7, 2014

PIECES FROM MY PATH: how to sell your things, travel the world and follow your bliss.

One year ago, my friend Evie Slothower sold just about everything she owned to follow her dream of travelling the world. Now, after some radical adventures through Asia, she's back in California with an awesome online business called "Pieces From My Path" where she sells eclectic accessories she's collected along the way. I sat down with her to chat about the last year of her life, as she made this huge shift and adopted a more minimalist lifestyle in order to make her dreams a reality.

How would you describe “living a minimalist lifestyle” to someone you just met?  You would be so surprised at how little you actually need! Especially being a girl who loves clothes, accessories, and everything in between. It was so refreshing to take so little with us. However, there is a big difference between want and need. I don't need a lot of things in life, however I sure do like and want pretty things! If i could re-pack, I would take even less. There are so many beautiful, unique things in different countries, so I would've taken advantage of that more and started fresh with everything.  

What inspired you to sell most of your things and travel the world?  Going on this trip was much more important to me than Louis Vuitton purses, Tiffany necklaces, and even beautiful pieces of furniture were. I had all of these pricey things in my apartment that I didn't need and I didn't even use. When I was younger, I cared too much about designer things. It got old fast, but I was still attached to them for some reason. When the idea of this trip came up, of course the concerns of money also arose. In the end, comparing the trip of a lifetime to some designer labels in my closet was NO comparison at all!  It was an easy choice for me to make, so I sold them all.  I'm not saying that having nice things in your closet is a bad thing -- it's not.  I just chose to replace my closet full of expensive things with even nicer memories that are irreplaceable.  

What were the hardest possessions to part ways with?  I honestly didn't have a hard time letting go of anything materialistic!  It actually felt really good to let go! I knew that I would find many amazing unique items abroad, so I was very excited to have beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces from SouthEast Asia that I wouldn't see every other girl in the mall have.  
However, what I did miss was my sister, my new niece, and my kitty. But, Skype helped with that greatly!

Which countries did you travel to, and over what length of time? I traveled to: Singapore for a few days, then Bali for 2 months -- all over, but we mostly stayed in the Uluwatu area to fulfill my boyfriend Derek's lifelong dream of surfing there. Went back to Singapore, then Malaysia for few days. We spent 1 month in Thailand, visiting Bangkok, and the southern island beaches of: Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Maya, etc. 
Followed by 1 month in Cambodia. Then, we went back to Thailand, visiting the Northern villages of: Chiang Mai, Chiang, Rai and other remote Thai villages where we filmed this video for Pieces From My Path in the village that makes the hand bags that I am now selling. I was the first woman foreigner to ever go there! 

After that, we visited Laos, then spent 3 weeks in Hawaii and headed home to California shortly after ringing in the New Year. All in all, 6 months of adventuring through Asia.

If you had to select just ONE favorite travel memory from the trip, which would it be?
Chiang Mai was my favorite place for sure. Every day was a new and stimulating experience...even if we didn't do much. Some highlights for me were riding elephants bareback and bathing them. Also, swimming with wild dolphins, sharks (nice ones!) and turtles while out free-diving. Eating new and amazing food, interacting with the locals, riding motorbikes everywhere, and falling in LOVE with different cultures.

The question everyone wants to know: the MONEY STUFF… How were you able to do it, financially? Were you able to find some work abroad and make money along the way? If so, how?

I saved as much money as I possibly could. I sold a LOT of things including designer bags and jewelry, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.  I worked as much as I could beforehand and my boyfriend moved into my small apartment so we could save money on rent. We usually don't go out and spend a lot of money, but we were extra careful for the few months leading up to the trip. We had a big yard sale party to sell all our things. We were fortunate to get a buddy pass from a friend who is a pilot so our tickets were cheaper and it allowed us to have an open ended ticket.  

Once we got to Asia, it was super cheap to live there. Food and room and board were very affordable, much less than here. We were VERY blessed to have friends in a few different places and they shared their homes with us. Derek also did video work in exchange for room and board at a few of our destinations.  We were very lucky that he has a skill-set that he can take on the road.  I, however, was just barely starting the business concept behind Pieces From My Path. As we traveled, I searched for and shipped home beautiful pieces that I found -- hand bags, jewelry, pashminas, beaded belts, beaded keychains, etc.  So, I was spending way more money than planned, but it was OK with me since it had a greater purpose. My new site allows everyone to have a little piece from my path.  I've traded in my Louis Vuittons for some beautiful and truly unique pieces and I couldn't be happier!  
{ check out the full collection here: }  

What is the biggest lesson you learned while on the road that will stay with you forever? I learned so much about this world.  How we look at other cultures and just see chaos, when in actuality, it's not. Every culture has their own rules and ways of life. It may seem like chaos, but once you are immersed into it, it turns into really beautiful chaos.

Do you look at the American lifestyle differently now that you’re back? The United States has soooo many unnecessary rules and it's quite weird coming back to the US, especially since I was never even aware of them before I went on my trip. I learned so much about people in general.  There are some pretty amazing people out in the world! People that are so caring and giving and that welcome you into thier home and community with open arms. We were invited by our driver in Bali to his son's wedding.  We were the only foreigners there! It was so amazing that we were welcomed at such a private and personal event. On 2 different occasions, 2 different woman gave me their clothes to borrow so I would have something traditional to wear. Imagine meeting a stranger for the first time, inviting them into your home, letting them go through your closet and giving them your clothes to borrow. Not many of us would do that, even with a full closet! They did that to me, without having much of anything in theirs. I was so touched. It was a lesson I learned and something that I will always be humbled by.  

Advice to others on making big adventures happen? Just do it. Many people, including my previous self, make up a million reasons not to go. Instead, think of the million reasons why you should go! Everything works itself out.    

Lastly, would you do it again? If so, what’s next on the radar?
Definitely!!! South America, Australia, back to Thailand, Africa, everywhere!

Thank you so much for reading Evie's story. I hope it was as inspiring to you as it was to me! Be sure to check out her creative collection of handmade accessories from around the world: Pieces From My Path. * use coupon code ZENGIRL for 10% off your entire purchase, expires 8.31.14.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

MERMAID YOGIS MEXICO RETREAT - Stoked Yogi + Zen Girl + Teeki Collaboration

We aren’t sure we’ve ever been this excited! Who's ready for a full week of mermaid adventures in paradise? 


Mermaid Yogis
With the incredible connections formed by the recent Mermaid Yogis challenge on Instagram, we decided to create a totally amazing, one of a kind, Magical Mermaid Yogis Mexico Retreat hosted by Stoked Yogi founder Amelia Travis, and Zen Girl founder Mandy Burstein and sponsored by our favorite wild dreamers, the babes over at Teeki.
What started as a simple conversation – how amazing it would be to connect with all of these inspiring women in real life – has become a reality with our November retreat to Sayulita, Mexico for 8 days of surfing, stand up paddle boarding, yoga, and radical lifestyle inspiration and transformation. Limited rooms available; reserve your spot here. 
sayulita breathe it all in
your meramid yogi retreat guides: Janalyn Yanover (horizonlightphotography), Amelia Travis (stoked_yogi) and Mandy Burstein (@zengirlmandy). 

This bohemian gypsy adventure will take us to Sayulita, Mexico – where we will nourish ourselves, indulge and explore, breathe it all in, and love it all out. Eight days of yoga on land and sea with your fearless mermaid leaders, equipped with everything you need to dive fully into the present moment. Immerse in local culture and get an insider’s guided tour of all our favorite secret spots. This retreat is designed for the adventurous mermaid yogi who believes in being barefoot and sun-kissed, lives by the sun and loves by the moon, and finds joy in venturing outside her comfort zone with a heart full of wanderlust.

Adventure Awaits ~ Itinerary

Day 1 ~ Saturday November 8: Airport pick-ups at 4pm. Arrive, check-in, relax. Welcome circle, sunset yoga and swim. Welcome dinner and cocktails with your new tribe of amigas.

Day 2 ~ Sunday: Morning yoga & meditation. Boat trip to Marietas Islands for an eco-adventure day of snorkeling, stand up paddle and SUP Yoga! Group dinner on the beach with bonfire and drum circle.

Day 3 ~ Monday: Morning yoga, open day, option to surf La Lancha with Amelia or fill your heart with a community service project with Mandy. *optional Midnight Temazcal ceremony with a local spiritual guide - this incredible sweat lodge experience will purify and open our hearts and minds.

Day 4 ~ Tuesday: Morning yoga & meditation, Mala making workshop with Amelia, afternoon road-trip to Punta de Mita. Get clean and gussied up #nostretchypants style for a fancy group dinner on Anclote beach.

Day 5 ~ Wednesday: SUP Yoga class, optional SUP surf session, paddle to La Corona, cliff jumping to bring out your wild side! Road trip over to the adorable village of San Pancho for shopping and sunset dinner in town. 

Day 6 ~  Thursday:  Hike to jungle sanctuary Alta Vista, visit and pay respect to the indigenous Huichol tribe, then soak away at our favorite secret jungle hot springs. Bask in the glow you've cultivated over the past week with your new mermaid familia. 

Day 7 ~ Friday: Final day in Sayulita. Lots of open time to explore town and get in one last SUP Yoga class or surf sesh with Amelia & Mandy. Grab a flower crown and get pretty for our Farewell Dinner and cocktail party at a secret jungle location. Dance the night away with your fellow mermaids at the famous Friday night cumbia party on the beach!

Day 8 ~ Saturday November 15: Morning yoga and green smoothies, head to airport. Hug, kiss, cry a little. Say "See you later" instead of goodbye, to your new tribe of sisters. Go home salty, sandy, sun-kissed, and stoked. 

photo 3 (4)
photo 2
mermaid circle

Dining Fit For a Mermaid Queen

Every day, we will provide breakfast of green juice, smoothies and snacks, as well as a group dinner. All lunches are left open for you to explore the village! Breakfasts and dinners will all include vegetarian options and will be designed to cultivate health and vitality.

Destination: Paradiso

Our home for the week is nestled at the north end of Sayulita, the crown jewel of the Rivera Nayarit coastal corridor. Hailed as a popular, yet off-the-beaten-path travel destination and a mecca for surfers of all ages, Sayulita offers its visitors and residents incredible beaches, lush jungles and a taste of rural Mexico. From art galleries to live music nightlife, Sayulita has something for everyone. Holistic healing is available at the local spas, and the flower child fashionista will find shopping to suit even the most eclectic style maven.

sayulita stoked yogi retreat 1

Choose Joy. Live Wild and Free

This retreat will be more than a vacation – this is a lifetime experience to connect with soul sisters from all over the world – to swim naked in the ocean at midnight – to let loose and roam free with sand in your toes and salt water running through your veins. Our mermaid sisters from Teeki are coming along and providing yoga wear to take us wherever our adventure may lead! A Teeki gift bag, suncare from Raw Elements suncreen, and a few surprise retreat essentials will be waiting for you when you arrive.
teeki bums

 The Deets: Rates & Dates

Fly into Puerto Vallarta airport (PVR) on Saturday, November 8 and be ready for van pickup at 4pm. Fly home after 10am on Saturday, November 15.
Shared Room: $1799
Private Room: $2099

What’s Included?

Everything except lunch and airfare, in short. Green juice, breakfast, and incredibly delicious dinners made with fresh, local, organic ingredients. Accommodations, transportation, all daily activities (stand up paddle boarding, surfing, yoga, mud baths, etc.), VIP Teeki gift bag with sun shorts, leggings, swimwear, Raw Elements gift pack, Stoked Yogi tank top and hat, all photos and videos (professional photographer), and memories that will last a lifetime – guaranteed.
cliff jumping sayulita

What’s Not Included?

Airfare. Lunches. Shopping sprees. Drinking binges. Regrets.

How Do I Sign Up?!

Duh. We totally knew that would be your next question. Click here to reserve your space online with a $900 deposit. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to retreat.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mermaid Pose Breakdown with Mandy + Janalyn

We've been having a blast this month during the #mermaidyogis challenge on instagram! As a host, I've been lucky enough to witness some real, meaningful breakthroughs, both physically and mentally as our mermaid amigas participating around the world have shared with us. I absolutely love seeing women feel empowered and supported!

MERMAID POSE (also known as a variation of traditional eka pada rajakapotasana) is the peak pose of our #mermaidyogis challenge, which over 1,000 yoga girls from around the world have been working towards throughout the month of June. The "final expression" of the pose (pictured below) is a really deep hip opener AND a really deep back-bend. This pose can be extremely difficult (and even dangerous!) for people to try to access if they are not warmed up enough. The first step to getting into this deep pose is to move through multiple sun salutations and a variety of other postures (warrior 2, side angle pose, camel, wheel, etc.) to make sure that your muscles are warm and your breath is profound before attempting it. 

Additionally, this pose can be really intimidating to newer yogis. We want all mermaids to know that there are multiple variations of this pose that you can practice -- you don't always have to (nor should you!) aim for the deepest version of the pose. You should aim for the variation that feels best in your body today. 

Janalyn and I created this tutorial to show you the 6 different mermaid pose variations that exist out there. Each one of these options can offer you deep hip-opening, new-found length in your spine, a wide-open heart space and a true feeling of accomplishment. It's important as yogis to not always push ourselves into the "peak pose". Remember (on your mat and in life) to be present, breathe profoundly, and be grateful for wherever your body wants to take you today. 

We hope you learn something in this tutorial, or at the very least, you leave inspired to love your amazing body and the beautiful poses your body allows you to explore. The gorgeous yoga space we are practicing in here is our local beach, Windansea in La Jolla, San Diego, California.

With love and namaste,

Mandy Burstein     
Janalyn Yanover   

@zengirlmandy @horizonlightphotography #mermaidyogis

Thursday, June 26, 2014

3 Things Tweens Teach Us about Living and Enjoying Life

Today is an exciting day! My little sister Sabrina (not so little anymore!) is on summer break and coming out to stay with me for almost two weeks. We've been lucky enough to spend time together every summer for the past few years, despite living on opposite sides of the country. Three years ago, when she was only 13 years old, we had an epic time together, which inspired me to write this article that was published by lifestyle website, Tiny Buddha.  Hope you enjoy the throwback! :)

sabrina + mandy ~ 2011

3 Things Tweens Teach Us about Living and Enjoying Life

Work, Eat, Sleep. Work, Eat Sleep.
We all get wrapped up in this humdrum cycle of life consisting of working, eating, and sleeping, then waking up a few hours later to do it all over again.
This year it’s been particularly challenging for me to find ways to create balance and keep ahold of my sanity when the grind includes growing my small business, completing a new home with my husband, and settling into our first year as newlyweds who have yet to take a honeymoon.
And then it happened. Last month, I looked at my phone and the calendar read “July 15”—which meant that is was mid-July, which meant that summer was quickly fading away, which, most importantly, meant that I was letting the beauty of my favorite, sun-filled season slip right through my fingertips without even putting up a fight.
Luckily, my fate was soon to change as I was expecting my 13 year old spunky little sister, sent straight from my parents’ home in Hawaii.
A little background on our relationship: I left for college when she was five years old and since then, have only been able to spend a few weeks with her here and there during the holidays.
Hearing so much about bullying, sexting, and other emerging teen issues in the media, I had been feeling a bit disconnected from her. And I had this deep longing to reconnect to try to understand her experiences and provide any support that I can.
Equipped with an iPod, iTouch, iMac, and a lifetime’s supply of lip gloss, Sabrina arrived ready to take on San Diego, and ready to take me with her! I was pleasantly surprised to meet a confident, articulate, and organized pre-teen who still managed to capture the playful and silly little girl qualities I remembered so vividly from her childhood.
I am grateful to share these three wonderful lessons I learned while living a week through the eyes of a tween:

1. Indulge in life

To my sweet surprise, wherever I went with Sabrina it turned into an exciting adventure. For example, I took her out on my daily errands around town, stopping at different farmers markets to get our groceries for the week.
Every time I visit the markets I noticed this delicious looking cupcake truck, but I’ve always talked myself out of getting one. It was different with a tween in tow. The very first thing she noticed was the truck, and we absolutely had to have one….or seven.
As we get older, we tend to feel guilty for indulging in little treats for ourselves. Whether it’s a sugary cupcake or a much needed staycation, for some reason, we talk ourselves out of these sweet indulgences.
On what would have otherwise been a routine trip around town, Sabrina taught me this powerful lesson:Stop worrying so much. Life is meant to be lived. Soak up all its sweetness.

2. Be more affectionate

I have always been a very touchy-feely kind of person, generously giving out hugs and love wherever possible. But, as I grew older, I realized not everyone is receptive to the affection, and some people just plain don’t like to be touched. So, I backed off and became more conscious of my interactions with people.
I’ve noticed that as a society, as we get farther away from our childhood, we create these unnecessary boundaries between ourselves and other human beings, afraid that if we put our love out there it won’t get returned.
Children have this incredible ability to give away love like it is going out of style—hugs, kisses, snuggles, twirling your hair. Every night as we lay on the couch after dinner, Sabrina would hold my hand, and then play with my hair. Then she’d finally collapse her head in my lap and fall asleep on top of me.
My week with my sister taught me a profound lesson about how necessary it is to reconnect with people on a physical level. Something as simple as a warm hug can soothe the soul.

3. Laugh out loud

Also known in the tween world as “LOL.” Sometimes as adults, we forget how important it is to find the humor in every situation and experience a nice big belly laugh at least once a day. Even the most mundane trip with Sabrina turned into a hilarious adventure.
One lazy weekday, on our way to the beach, a Hare Krishna approached us. Being a tall bald monk swaddled in orange cloth, he must have been a rather strange sighting for a 13 year old. Instead of making fun of him or trying to avoid this eccentricity, Sabrina became actively engaged and genuinely interested in what he had to say for more than 10 minutes.
Towards the end of the conversation, he offered us the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Indian text, and a instead of awkwardly declining, her first instinct was to ask, “How much?”
His response was perfect, “There is no charge. We are monks, not punks!” This caused Sabrina to erupt in an adorable and contagious laughter that caused me to laugh, which caused the people all around us to join in on this hilarious moment.
The precious lesson out of this story is that we all know full-grown adults who would not have treated the monk with as much respect as this tween had. In turn, by being open and genuinely interested in other human beings, and by sending out positive vibrations, we got to experience this wonderful moment of uproarious laughter that spread to all those around us.
We should never forget, happiness is contagious—spread it whenever and wherever you can.
Children, by nature, are open-hearted beings who are more familiar with loving than fearing life. Fear is a learned habit that we develop over time. If we can reconnect with that child inside of all of us that loves, instead of fears, we can enjoy life’s offerings to the fullest.
Children are also less familiar with the concept of rushing. We, the adults, are the ones who teach them to “Hurry up, move quicker, let’s go!” Instead of looking at situations as inconvenient, or stressing that they’re slowing you down from getting to wherever you think you need to go, try enjoying the journey a little bit more.
Take every situation or person you encounter today and find ways that you can: indulge in life, be more affectionate, and laugh out loud. When we do these three things, we channel our inner child and let go of the deeply embedded habit of fear—and that’s how we can truly begin to love ourselves, our experiences, and our journey to the fullest.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Baja Yoga Soul Retreat: August 22 - 24

Two months from today, we will be relaxing on a vineyard in the heart of Mexico's wine country, the Valle de Guadalupe, sipping locally grown vino and feasting on a meal prepared with love by Hilda Pacheco-Taylor, the founder of Corazon de Vida foundation and owner of Trevista Vineyards. It will look a little something like this . . .

As day turns to night, we'll head back to our beach houses at Marina Puerto Salina where we'll soak up even more good vibrations by the sea. In the morning, we'll wake up, either do yoga on the beach, surf or paddleboard, then head out for our 2nd visit to Door of Faith orphanage to spread love to the many children that call it home. Doesn't it all sound lovely?

This is an experience I've dreamed about creating for the past few years. I've been traveling back and forth regularly to northern Baja California, Mexico for waves, great food and visiting the amazing wine country for the past five years. Finally, I've found the perfect partner to make this retreat happen with: Corazon de Vida foundation. They support over 14 orphanages in the region and the founder of CdV, Hilda, also runs a beautiful vineyard in Valle de Guadalupe. Perfect match! For this unique 3 day retreat experience, we'll play at the beach, lead you on a guided local tour of the famous "Guadalupe Valley" and take you to the orphanage for a few hours on Friday and a few hours on Sunday to meet the kids. It will be an unforgettable experience to re-charge your soul and re-align your spirit with nature and new friends! Everyone involved in planning this retreat is donating their resources to make it happen and keep it affordable, so the pricing is a flat rate of $399, sharing a room. Most rooms have a queen bed, a few have multiple beds in the room. We are keeping it to only 14 participants, for this special, well-rounded adventure to the beaches and valleys of Baja, so grab a roommate and reserve your spot asap! 

I can't wait to take you all down there! :) Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions! 

Namaste, Mandy

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mermaid Medicine

I am a big believer that green juice is good for your soul. When you select fresh, organically grown vegetables from the Earth and blend them together into a cleansing cocktail, you nourish not only your body, but also your mind and your spirit. I've been drinking green juice almost every morning for the past two years and can't begin to tell you what great benefits it's had on my overall health and well-being. Green smoothies, along with healthy eating habits, yoga and time on the ocean each day are my preventative health practices and {knock on wood!} I haven't been truly sick in over four years.

Starting your day in this healthy way sets the tone for a vibrant, fulfilling day ahead. My thoughts are sharper, my body feels lighter and my spirit becomes a little more in sync with the natural world around me. In short, green juice is the perfect Mermaid Medicine

Here's my favorite go-to green juice recipe:

1 whole cucumber, chopped
3 stalks of celery
2 handfuls of spinach leaves
2 whole lemons, squeezed
small scoop of ground flax
pinch of unsweetened shredded coconut
small scoop of chia seeds
1.5 cups of coconut water

Blend in a Vitamix or other high powered blender for 30 seconds and enjoy!
For 13 of my other favorite green juice recipes and other healthy inspiration, click here.