Thursday, October 23, 2014

What is Mercury Retrograde? And why do hippies say things like that?!

I never really understood when people would say "OH NO - mercury's in retrograde!" until earlier this week. I got into a car accident on a major San Diego freeway, which of course ruined my day. The woman behind me didn't leave enough room and when cars started coming to a stop, she couldn't break fast enough and slammed into the back of me. Luckily, no one was badly hurt, but it just felt like the cherry on top of an extremely inconveniencing few weeks. I let myself wallow for a bit and started to count the sh*tty things that had occurred recently, as one does when wallowing. In the past three weeks, my husband had contracted a stomach parasite requiring multiple hospital visits, my dog got a gnarly eye infection equally a large vet bill, I got stung by a sting ray and tried to heal it naturally which led to bright purple left foot (#mermaidproblems) and finally.... this. 

While venting to a hippie friend about it, she just smiled and said, "yep, Mercury's in retrograde, that sounds about right." As silly as it might sound, that made me feel SO much better. I started to investigate what it's all about and actually learned a lot about the solar system. Added bonus: I came across some hilarious memes that needed to be shared with you guys. All in all, the whole process made me laugh and remember that this too shall pass. And the next time any non-believers try to doubt the retro, I'll have a whole list of fun facts to share with them. And you will too!

what is it actually? 
- a 3 week period of time that occurs 3 to 4 times each year
- the planet Mercury slows down, then stops, and appears to move backwards
- said to cause breakdowns in communication, technology, and life in general
- it's the worst time to start new projects or promote events, response will be slow
- travel delays are at an all time high; try not to plan any last minute trips
- if you absolutely have to travel, do so without expectations, be open to twist and turns
- communication is a hot mess during retrograde. when you speak, always be clear and kind 
- try extra hard not to take thing personally; understand people are not as careful with their words
- dive into home projects! retro is the perfect time to nestle down and enjoy your home

the good news?
this too shall pass! it's only a three week phase, this is the last one of the year

what you will want to do:
hide under the covers like this little guy

what you should do, instead:
stay open, breathe, let go of expectations

my sources >< astrology >< gala darling >< mystic mamma


  1. LOL that's way cute! Scary too. There is so much information in the galaxy, this must be true!

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