Monday, October 20, 2014

the zen of marketing: less ego, more love

I'm happy to announce that next Tuesday, October 28th, I'll be leading a talk on HOLISTIC MARKETING at Bird Rock Yoga studio in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Are you a yoga teacher, health coach, nutritionist or healer of any kind? Learn how to create authentic marketing techniques for your spiritual-based business. overcome the fear of technology and learn how to leverage it to spread your message, build your class sizes, attract private clients and teach around the world!

Over the past four years, I've found myself trying a number of different things to making a living in the yoga/wellness world. I've taught yoga classes (on land and sea), taught other people how to teach these classes, created a yoga-inspired clothing line, built websites and social media platforms for fellow healers, been hired as a marketing consultant for a wellness brand ..... and a variety of other holistic side jobs. As a freelancer, you've gotta get creative, stay hungry and always try new things until you find the ones that stick. For the past year, my main source of work and income have come from teaching classes, freelance writing/consulting, managing 2 yoga studios and leading yoga retreats in Mexico. After trying what seems like a little bit of everything, I've finally found my groove and am ready to help those who are trying to build their spiritual-based business. In this 2 hour workshop, we'll cover everything from "how to write an OMmazing bio" to "your ego is not your amigo" - how to create content that is authentically from the heart and not ego-driven. If this sounds like what you need in your life and to help build your brand, please join us! 

investment: $20
Tuseday, October 28 from 7 - 9pm 
at Bird Rock Yoga ~ sign up here.

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