Ready to take a class, training, or retreat with me? 

Here's what my students are saying about the "Zen Girl" yoga experience . . .  

Yoga Classes  

"I want to thank you so much for our wonderful session yesterday. All of our sessions with you are wonderful. The crystal sound healing bowl was an added treat for us. We so appreciated you thinking of a special treat and setting our intention for us on our wedding anniversary." - Debi (in-home private class)

"Taking class from you is always emotionally and energetically healing- you always have the best words and wisdom to share." - Kate

"To the woman that inspired me to get out in the world and just do me. Your motivation and enthusiasm for life are contagious. Thank you for spreading it and I can't wait to continue learning from you." - Emma

"I want to thank you again for your inspiring, relaxing, fun yoga class today! It truly was my favorite yoga class I have ever taken!"  - Graciella

"Class was wonderful as always. Thank you for your little life lessons and inspiration!" - Kristina

“Mandy led a private session on the morning of my wedding for me and my bridesmaids.  What an incredible way to start the best day of your life!  She was so calming and personalized everything.  All my nerves vanished, my head was clear, my blood was flowing and I felt great at the end.  I would recommend this to anyone getting married even if you have never done yoga before.  I wish I lived in San Diego so that I could do Yoga with Mandy every week!” – Allie (Zen Bride package)

“Amazing instructor! I was coordinating a week for young women (ages 16-18) focused on healthy living, self-care, etc. and contacted Mandy to see if she would be available to lead our group of eighteen through a beginning yoga session and  talk about how she became involved in yoga. She was wonderful! Not only is Mandy an awesome instructor, but she is simply a lovely human being. She made each of the girls feel safe and supported so that our actual practice was amazing.” – Stephanie, Teacher, High Tech High School

"I feel so grateful that i was able to take classes and private sessions with Mandy. I am certainly not a typical yogi who lives and breathes yoga but I just might be now because of Mandy. I came to her with a hip injury (I'm an olympic athlete) and needed some way to constructively train so that my injury would heal and not happen again. Mandy immediately picked up on a lot of my problems and during our first session she showed me exactly why I need to make yoga part of my routine! Start your yoga journey or enlighten it with Mandy, I promise you, something in her class will make it worth your while." - Ellesse, Olympic Equestrian

"Thank you for the beautiful class today. You inspire me to be a better ME each day." - Emma, student

"Your class was such a gift tonight! I feel amazing and open and full of love! Thank you!" - Malia, student

"To my SUP Yoga friend Mandy, who has the light of a thousand lanterns in her very petite flexible being." - Lori, student

"Her soothing voice and inspirational words immediately got me loving yoga. It didn't matter that I was a novice; she is great at helping you at whatever level you're at and will inspire you to push yourself with each class you take. She has such positive energy and genuinely cares about her students." - Veronica, student

"Mandy is a gifted yogini, who guides a beautiful, breath-based and technically well-heeled practice. Her class is truly medicine for the body, mind and soul."  - Tara, private client

"Mandy the instructor exudes such postive and tranquil energy she is sure to put any busy-minded, high tension person in a zen state!"  - Shabnam, student

Yoga Retreats  (since 2011)

"This mini yoga retreat was by far one of the most amazing and cathartic experiences of my life. All of the girls were so real and full of love! Jade and Mandy: you are both so amazing, such love and sisterhood! Love you both! Thank you again!" - Meaghan, 2016 Wild + Free Retreat

"My mother and I had a conversation over how much I have changed in the last year and half almost 2 years. And it all started with putting myself first and working on loving myself. My relationship with my husband, my son and how I live and view life all changed for the better, way better. It's so incredibly powerful what strides and changes we let into our lives when we learn to let go and focus on the here and now. And I am so so proud and happy to say that it all started with one of your retreats. I will forever be grateful to you Mandy" ❤ Maria, 2016 Wild + Free Retreat

"I am so grateful for the past 5 days, it was truly amazing. I am already reflecting and feeling so full of gratitude and openness. My heart is FULL! It was such a powerful experience, I already want to go back!" - Jessica, 2015 Sayulita Retreat 

"Hi Mandy! I just wanted to personally express my gratitude for your leadership and energy this weekend! You are an inspiration for many of us and I just loved being able to share our life stories and lessons with you. Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this program, you did an amazing job and thought of every detail. It was well organized and we all felt so taken care of I personally have not felt that light and happy in so long - it was the perfect weekend. – Sarah, 2015 Baja Yoga Soul Retreat 

"Thank you for the wonderful yoga retreat in Sayulita! We had a wonderful time. It was a great get-away for us and a wonderful experience. Many thanks for all the hard work in planning and conducting the retreat! Namaste!" - Karen, 2015

"Thanks again for all your hard work, it was totally worth it! We all had an amazing time in Mexico." - Jennifer, 2013 

"I've been thinking about you and [the girls] a lot in the past week or so. It's crazy it was 2 years ago now that I decided to join you guys on a yoga retreat in Sayulita. What a life-changing experience that was! Thanks for all the inspiration! You guys rock!" - Emily, 2012

"Bird Rock Yoga's retreat with Mandy and Heather changed my life and inspired my practice...Yoga class twice daily, great food, cool conscious people, the perfect hotel, convenient and flexible itineraries, all in the most amazing of places-Sayulita, Mexico. This trip was the most inspirational, transforming and relaxing experience I have ever had.  Invigorating vinyasa flows and healthy smoothies were a great start to each day , while calming restorative classes and meditation were just the right touch to end each fun filled day of either surfing, biking, horseback riding, boating, paddleboarding, reading or just relaxing on a gorgeous beach. The people and their positive energy made the trip. I felt like a new person at the end, and have tried to maintain that energy through renewed dedication to yoga and life, both on and off my mat."  - Larry, 2011

"The retreat to Sayulita was excellent. Group travel can sometimes be a disappointment, but this group was a delight.  It was nice mix of kind people, excellent yoga teachers, peaceful space, great food and accommodations.  The town of Sayulita offered up it's own charms to complete the adventure. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this great community of people and shared that experience in Mexico." - Chuck, 2011

"Mandy's restorative class in the evening was perfect at the end of the day to set the tone for the evening.  I have never vacationed in a group before, it was fun to be in a new place and see familiar faces throughout your adventures." - Melissa, 2011

Yoga Teacher Trainings  (since 2012)

"I am so thankful that you were a part of my amazing journey to becoming a yoga teacher. You presence is so energizing and uplifting - I always feel motivated to be the best person I can be when you're around. Thank you so much for your teachings. " - Laura, Bird Rock Yoga Teacher Training May 2015 

"Thank you, Mandy! What a great experience. Taught my first yoga class yesterday and they loved it!! Wooohoooo!" - Leyla 

"We really loved the experience, and appreciated the knowledge, skill and patience you provided us with." - Alex

"A special thank you to you three amazing woman. You have helped change the direction of my life, much much love and gratitude." - Rick

"Mandy thank you so much for such an amazing experience! Very thankful for the experience and to meet everyone". - Kandus

"Mandy you are incredible! - we're all so lucky to have experienced this with you!" - Courtney 

"Thank you, Mandy! Your beautiful energy was a highlight of the training!" - Shayna

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