When I think of the type of lifestyle I want to live, this mantra always comes to mind:  "Healthy, Happy YOU" 

I allow this mantra to guide most, if not all of my decisions, especially those involving food. I'm not immune to having an odd relationship with food. Most women of my generation have had some sort of complicated relationship with food. Overeating, under-eating, using food for comfort and experimenting with every diet known to man are the norm: no carbs, all carbs, meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, macrobiotic, vegetarian, can start to drive you crazy if you let it!

I have definitely explored the full spectrum of choices, as I believe we all should, in our quest to find what works best for our bodies. Each of us is made with a unique constitution that requires different sources of nutrition to fulfill our needs and imbalances. But, what I keep coming back to, is this idea of a eating meal that leaves me feeling two ways: Healthy and Happy. If I feel healthy but restricted (because I just ate a beautiful bed of green, but it lacked protein and my body was craving protein) I won't be very happy. And if I feel happy because I just indulged three servings of my mom's famous tiramisu, but am left bloated and lethargic, I won't feel very healthy at all.

So, like everything in life, it's all about finding the balance. What meals can you create that will leave you feeling healthy AND happy? Fulfilled AND flourishing?

Here are a collection of my favorite "Healthy, Happy YOU" dishes. I hope they inspire you to put your own twist on them and think outside the box when it comes to food to discover what works best for you. Food can be used as fuel in living our best lives. Don't run on empty.

Where to Start

Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight. It is wise to ease your body into dietary changes to maximize long-term success. I highly recommend eating locally-sourced foods and enjoying green juice as often as possible.

Green Juices

Side Dishes



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