Friday, July 28, 2017

Woman Poetry in Orange County!

When a woman is loved correctly, she becomes ten times the woman she was before.

I feel an uprising. A deeper knowledge. A more refined way of living and being. The Wild Warrior Women of today are learning to love themselves fully. Without restraint. We smile in the face of a society that teaches us to hate ourselves and to compete with one another. We know better. And therefore, we do better. We dance gracefully away from toxic energies and rise above the noise. We support each other, unconditionally. We nourish our bodies and commit to self-care rituals every damn day. We gather on the new moon and dance under the full moon. We understand that you can't rush your healing, that change happens despacito, and that life doesn't give you what you want, it gives you exactly what you need. To learn, to grow, to evolve. When wild women gather to connect, release, and transmute their pain into love, the whole world heals.

I am very excited to announce that my yoga partner, Jade Alectra and I just booked our next Woman Poetry workshop! Come as you are. All shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds, all faiths, with years of yoga experience, or if this might be your very first class. We welcome you with open arms!

Saturday September 30
6 - 10pm at You and the Mat studio
Laguna Niguel, Orange County, CA

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