Monday, March 28, 2016

Baja Bachelorette -- a Yoga Girl's Final Fiesta South of the Border

One of the best things about living in San Diego is being so close to our beautiful neighboring country, Mexico. Less than an hour drive south and you're living large in an oceanfront villa with all your friends, eating the best tacos you've ever tasted and sipping delicious margaritas without a care in the world. I've been doing once-a-month weekend jaunts down to Baja with friends for the past 8 years and have witnessed the 100 mile stretch between Tijuana and Ensenada [Valle de Guadalupe] evolve into a trendy getaway where famous food writers and salty surfers can coexist, yet the region still retains its rustic roots. It takes the right type of person to be drawn to the wild, wild west that is Baja California, Mexico. From my experience, those of us who love Baja are down for a true off-the-beaten-path soulful adventure, have respect for the land and the locals, love speaking any form of Spanish/Spanglish we can muster, and appreciate the little (and big) bumps along the way. 

That being said, it takes a special person to seek this out, so my heart skipped a beat when my yoga student and friend Kristin hired me to plan her bachelorette party south of the border. She saw photos previous Baja Yoga Retreats and "Baja Bachelorettes" I've coordinated and wanted something similar, with a few personal touches of her own. Over the course of the next few months, together we planned the perfect 3 day getaway for Kristin and 10 of her best girlfriends, half of whom would be flying in from New Orleans, the other half from around the San Diego area. For most of them, it would be their very first time in Baja, some of them -- first time in Mexico! Knowing that I had a group of fun-loving southern California girls and open-minded sweet Southern belles on my hands, we packed the van full of yoga mats, margarita mixers, and enough good vibes to take over all of Baja Norte. 

For Kristin's final farewell before married life, her customized Baja Bachelorette itinerary included: 3 yoga classes, 1 goddess circle, fresh squeezed mimosas and healthy treats for breakfast, local taco stands for lunch, lots of chilling poolside at our beach house, a big paella dinner party, and one night out in town dancing and getting wild. A special touch that Kristin requested was horseback riding, so I took the group to All the Pretty Horses of Baja Rescue. PHR owner Krystal (originally from Texas) rehabilitates neglected and abused animals. She currently has 27 gorgeous, healthy horses on site, as well as tons of dogs, chickens, pigs and a new batch of piglettes that wiggled and squealed like crazy as we loved on them. 

The weather gods blessed us big time for this February 2016 trip. We got perfect sunshine and clear starry skies at night. The bride-to-be Kristin was over-the-moon happy with how everything flowed so smoothly and all of our faces were sore from smiling/laughing so hard over the 3 days together.

Here's a photojournal of the beautiful Baja Bach weekend I was so lucky to be a part of -- 

Much love and gratitude to this awesome group of girls that allowed me to guide them on a wild adventure south of the border! All of these amazing photos were shot by my event assistant, Rozy of Rozanne Edwards Media who came along as our in-house professional photographer, margarita maker, co-pilot, go-to girl, and so much more. Rozy and I absolutely love making these events happen! 

If you want info on hosting a Zen Girl-style Baja Bachelorette or just want to chat about all things Mexico, my inbox is always open, so don't be shy -- get in touch

For more on my Baja Mexico explorations, check out these past posts --

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