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How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

To gender reveal or not to gender reveal -- that is the question. On all the pregnancy blogs, it's a hot topic of debate, whether or not to make a "big deal" of the news. I thought about it for about 2.5 seconds and decided we were most definitely doing a gender reveal party!

We had an emotionally tough third month of my pregnancy with the news of my Grandfather's cancer returning, and his health being up and down day-to-day, I knew this would be the perfect thing to bring some light-hearted joy and cause for celebration to my family. There's nothing like a little party planning to turn everyone's spirits around. This baby will be the first great-grandchild for my grandparents, and the first grandchild for my parents (as well as Devin's!) so everyone's been on the edges of their seats with anticipation to find out whether a little boy or little girl will start the next generation.

On the advice of our doctors, we waited until Week 18 to do the anatomy ultrasound scan so that the sex organs were fully developed and detectable. I've heard too many horror stories of people inquiring too early, getting the wrong reading, and buying a nursery full of pink when it was actually a boy on the way. Technically, you can find out from about Week 12 on, but we played it safe and scheduled the appointment for the 4.5 month mark.

The appointment was on a Wednesday, so we had the doctors put the result in a sealed envelope, handed that off to my sister on Wednesday night (hardest 5 hours ever!!), did our first Gender Reveal Party at home in San Diego with all our friends over the weekend (made them swear not to post anything online), and then I flew to Virginia a few days later to do our East Coast Gender Reveal Party with my whole side of the family there. It was quite a trek cross-country by myself at almost 5 months pregnant, but it was super important to me to have my sweet Grandpa involved.

Here's what we learned from the process of throwing 2 Gender Reveal Parties in one week, on two different sides of the country. Aside from the travel, this experience was super laid back, no stress, and TONS of fun. I'm so happy we decided to make this happen and celebrate a fun milestone in our first pregnancy experience.

1) Decide if you will find out first OR in front of a group
Some people like to find out privately in the doctor's office, then host to reveal it to their friends/family. I thought it would be so exciting to find out right when everyone else did. There are so few times in life when you can be completely 100% surprised, so we decided to enjoy the process alongside our favorite people.

2) THE ENVELOPE -- muy importante!
If you're like us and decide to get surprised in front of the whole crew, have your doctor put the result in a super sealed, non-transparent envelope. (not gonna lie: we tried to peak through!!) Hand it off to a trusted sibling or best friend immediately to get it out of your possession and off your mind.

3) Think carefully about who you want to be there
Remember, this is a huge thing you're about to find out! Your whole life will change forever from this moment on. We carefully hand-selected only our closest, most supportive friends to be a part of the experience and I'm so glad it turned out that way. Lots of emotions can come up that day. I ended up crying at least twice and am so grateful for the tribe that surrounded us with their love. Don't feel the need to invite everyone, do what's right for you.

4) Pick a theme
Now the fun begins! Just think about throwing a fun party and if any creative themes jump out at you, go for it. My hubby and I had recently gotten back from spending a few weeks in Mexico while I was leading yoga retreats down there, so the first thing that popped into my mind was of course -- a Mexican Piñata Party! Who doesn't love a fiesta with chips, guacamole, cervezas and margaritas?!?

5) Pick a location
Believe it or not, your friends and family want to help out more than you know. Instead of feeling the need to throw this party yourself, take it easy and allow your BFF or Mom the opportunity to host this fun get together.

6) Reveal ideas: Thanks to pinterest, there are so many cute gender reveal ideas out there. Topping my personal list of favorites to choose from were: cake cutting, box of balloons, black balloons with pink/blue confetti inside, and piñata.

here's ours!
source // betty crocker
source: radiant photography

// F I N I S H I N G  T O U C H E S //

As guests arrive at the party, have a chalkboard set up where they can cast their vote for what they think the babe will be. Another fun thing my friends thought of for our San Diego reveal is to have guests wear pink for girl or blue for boy. That's another adorable way to get guests involved and strike up conversations amongst each other. Sometimes even betting wars break out and it can get pretty hilarious!

West Coast Gender Guessing
East Coast Baby Votes
Devin after a big shot of tequila trying to break the piñata ~ we were all dying laughing!
the moment of truth . . . 

Have you hosted a gender reveal or are you planning one? Got any new, creative ideas to share? If so, send them my way! I have a feeling I'll be hosting plenty of these parties in the future for my girlfriend mamas-to-be :)

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