Monday, August 25, 2014

72 Hours in BAJA: How to Pull off a Birthday Bash, South of the Border

We are so blessed here living here in southern California, where we can drive a short hour or two south and be in a different country. Baja California, Mexico has so much beautiful, interesting diversity to offer, it would be a shame to not venture off the path a bit to explore this unique region.

For the past few years, my husband Devin and I have been hosting these baja birthday weekends which are an absolute blast! The weekends always include: our adventurous amigos, lots of beach loungin', surfing, paddleboarding, delicious fresh seafood on the coast and a day-trip inland to Mexico's famous wine country, Valle de Guadalupe. In 3 days, you really get to experience the best of what Baja has to offer. On each trip, we discover a new place to eat, sleep or watch the sunset.

Baja is constantly evolving and yet still stays true to its traditional roots. 

On one trip, the electricity went out, so we dined in candlelight and made new amigos over almond tequila. Another time, we treated ourselves to the 3 hour minimum prix fixe feast at award-winning Corazon de Tierra restaurant. When our foodie friends Josh and Liz flew in from New York City, we took them to the super-informative underground wine cave tour at Baron Balche, which they loved. And when my girlfriend Chantel decided to host her 29th birthday party in Baja, together we compiled a list of our favorites from over the years and all enjoyed this 12 person BAJA blowout fiesta in her honor . . .

We stay at the beach...

Day trip to the Guadalupe Valley. First stop: El Cielo winery

Next stop: fresh oysters and fresh green juice at Finca Altozano

Private Dinner at Trevista Vineyards - the winery all to ourselves!

Nightcap at Convivia - fun new cantina at Encuentro Guadalupe. Menu designed by Valle de Guadalupe female superstar Chef Flor Franco; creative beverages by San Diego-based Snake Oil Cocktails. The result is a highly inspired, highly inspiring cross-border collaboration that will WOW even the most cultured connoisseurs.

here's what mi amiga Chantel has to share about coordinating a big group south of the border . . . "When planning a trip to Baja with a large group, don't try to have a plan for every moment. Leave some room for the wherever the wind takes us kind of moments. Make appointments, but leave open space to explore too!"

nervous to take your first trip down to Baja? 
try one of these two groups that provide fun (not cheesy!) guided tours:

feeling adventurous?
i'll whip up a customized itinerary and make it smooth sailing for you.

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