Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tales of a Traveling Yogi: Baja, MX

"A funny thing happened in Mexico...."

If you have ever driven into Mexico, you know that feeling that arises as you drive south towards the border. As you pass the "Last U.S. Exit" sign and head down to Tijuana, a mixture of both freedom and fear set in as you enter the true Wild West.

Just 38 short kilometers south of TJ is our little home away from home - a surfer and sunbather's paradise. My husband, Devin and I make the trek down south every couple of months, usually staying at the swanky baja ex-pat community, Club Marena. When we come down with a group, this is our go-to spot because of the added security and their awesome jacuzzis that sit on the cliffs overlooking the famous surf break, K38, where the girls sip margaritas and watch our guys catch waves.

This past weekend, Devin arranged a trip for just the two of us to go down for my birthday and check out a new spot he described as "rustic". Being married to a man who wishes he lived in a yurt on the beach in Southern Baja, miles away from other human beings, I hesitated at his description of "rustic" but decided I was up for an adventure and went in with no expectations!

Situated at K59, Hotel La Fonda turned out to be charmingly rustic and full of surprises. Just a few minutes after checking in, we went to check out the rooftop bar and I hear "Mandy!" from a distance. Not expecting to see another familiar face for days, I was super stoked to see Heather, a beautifully vibrant yoga teacher friend from San Diego. She was down there with her husband, Nate and their friends, Clare and Brenden from PB. These four turned out to be the coolest crew in all of Baja. We all had so much in common and spent the next three days sharing stories about our big loves - Yoga, Surfing and Mexico - over some delicious almond tequila handmade by el gordo in Puerto Nuevo.

Days consisted of surfing, sun bathing, playing with the pups on the beach, eating shrimp ceviche, sipping cerveza Sol and finding cool places to take yoga pics, in no particular order. Nights consisted of one too many margaritas, listening to live music and hanging by the fire.

On our last night, came the biggest surprise of all - NO electricity! It went out around siesta time on Sunday and was still off when we checked out Monday afternoon. Not the biggest fan of camping or getting "rustic", I decided to try to have fun with it. So, we lit candles, drank by the fire and enjoyed the silence.

Initally, going down there, we brought 2 computers because Devin had to work and I insisted on finishing up some pieces I've been working on for a while. Usually devices are a no-no en Mexico, so this shows just how dependent we've become lately. I'm proud to say that, Gracias a Baja and its rustic-ness, both computers stayed tucked away all weekend and we had a chance to properly un-plug.

While disconnecting from technology, we were given an incredible opportunity to re-connect with eachother, make some new friends and simmer in the silence ~ Viva Baja! Viva Mexico!

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