Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mermaid Meditation #1: Acceptance

California mermaid yogis Janalyn Yanover and Mandy Burstein take you on a 7 week journey through your self, back to your self. Inspired by the ocean and all things divine, these meditations will help bring you clarity and purpose, when it's hard to see the light. Are you ready to dive deeper?

Meditation #1: Acceptance
Mantra: I AM ENOUGH 

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This two-minute ACCEPTANCE meditation was designed for those days when you just don't feel content with yourself or "good enough". We've all had those days! This meditation will build you back up to remember your natural state, your greatness and that tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to shine.

with love,

Mandy Burstein ~
Janalyn Yanover ~

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