Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Art of the Perfect Summer Salad

I'm obsessed with salads, especially in the summertime. After a long day in the sun and on the ocean, there's nothing that sounds better than a giant, crisp, cold salad overflowing with avocado for dinner. We made this grilled Salmon Salad for dinner last night and I woke up this morning feeling satisfied and still full, but not weighed down, with tons of energy! I'm a big believer that what you put into your body at night affects how you sleep and how well you're able to navigate the first half of your next day, so I'm happy to report that this light meal is the perfect healthy mid-week dinner. It took less than 15 minutes to make and is one of our weekly go-to meals.

Grilled salmon marinade = juice of one lemon, chopped garlic, two tablespoons of liquid aminos and crushed black pepper. Salad = red leaf lettuce, deep green kale, two whole avocados, and a teaspoon of capers. Option to sprinkle in organic goat cheese to add a creamy texture.

While California's famous for its amazing salads, the true, original connoisseurs of salads live in France. On our trip to Paris and the south of France last summer, we had a few dining experiences that changed the salad game for us. On a hot July day, we stopped for lunch at Taverne Henri IV in the Pont-Neuf neighborhood of Paris, overlooking La Seine river. The Taverne is a cozy, non-pretentious lunch spot for locals that was recommended to us by my husband's friend who works in the Paris half the year. We both ordered their house salad, which was an insanely delicious culinary experience, of course I snapped a picture! :) Devin paired his salad with a Belgian Leffe beer, I got a glass of house white wine and we devoured these dishes! I'll never forget this meal!

Parisian Summer Salad: mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, shredded carrots, peppery grilled prawns, grilled tomatoes, some kind of fruit seeds (?) and the best part......these delicious chilled frozen mango balls. AMAZING!

When we got home from Paris, we tried to recreate that unforgettable salad, with our own little twists. We added grilled red peppers and some California avocados. Not the same, but still super delicious!

What's your favorite salad combination? I would love to hear how you get creative with your greens!

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