Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back to Nature

Last Sunday morning, I woke up with a burst of energy, ready to do something "active". I immediately called my bff Kristy to see if she wanted to tackle the Mt. Woodson hike, something we've been talking about for months. Last spring, we hiked Cedar Creek which ends at a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the country and it is still one of our favorite San Diego memories. Armed with four PB&Js, four Tiger Milk bars, about 800 liters of water, and one excited pitbull, we grabbed our guys (who were NOT happy to leave the beach on a big surf day) and headed East.

It turned out to be a....memorable day, that's for sure! Long story short, it ended up being an almost 9 mile hike (a little over 4 miles each way), and Devin and I never made it up to the famous Potato Chip Rock. Our dog Sammy kept overheating and he collapsed 5 minutes from the top :( Our friends made it top and took this awesome pic.....

If you live in the San Diego area and haven't made it out to Mt. Woodson in Poway yet, I highly recommend it! We found this cool flat rock to take some partner yoga pics on to make up for not making it to the top :) 

While we love to take our pup absolutely everywhere, this is definitely not a dog-friendly hike. Poor Sammy had to get carried down :( Well, more like poor Devin....
It turned out to be an amazing day in the sunshine, basking in the beauty of San Diego's countryside. You gotta try it!

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