Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet Zen Girl of the Month: Kat Fowler!

Splitting her time teaching yoga in both the city and at the beach, this New Yorker won me over with her serious dedication to her personal practice (see: super cool handstand photo below), her light-hearted, positive approach to life and her ability to balance it all.

She took big, courageous leaps to follow her bliss and become a full-time yoga teacher, and for that reason, and many more, I am so excited to feature Kat Fowler as our Zen Girl of July! Read my full interview with her on MindBodyGreen here:

"Yoga is kinda like the matrix, you can either take the red pill,
or the blue pill, but once you take it, your life has changed forever." - Kat Fowler

Follow her on Facebook and visit her Website for her full teaching schedule!

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