Monday, July 30, 2012

My Little Boost

I came across this message in my Facebook Spam folder this morning:

"Hello and good morning! I wanted to say thanks for your recent posts on MindBodyGreen re: confidence-boosting. They really made my day and are much appreciated." - Michael

Wow, so sweet! Now you just made my day! This note really touched my heart for two reasons:

1) I haven't been feeling super inspired to write lately and this just gave me a little boost to try again

2) The post that he is referring to, "15 Cofidence-Boosting Quotes" was probably my all-time favorite piece that I've written thus far. I didn't do a whole lot of writing in that one, in fact, I essentially just wrote an intro and copy and pasted some quotes. But not just any quotes. I hand-selected these particular 15 because each of them touch me in a very deep way and have personally helped me through some really dark days. Days that did not involve practicing yoga on the beach and "following my bliss"....Days that I try to forget about, but know I need to remember to keep me grounded. Days that only my true best friends/sisters helped see me through, whether they know it or not. An image from one of these particular "dark days" came rushing back to me, out of nowhere, when I was in a perfectly normal Downdog on my mat this morning. It took a hold of my body and mind so strongly that all I could do was collapse into Child's Pose. With my eyes closed, face down on the mat, I took a few breaths and let my mind go to that dark place. And, suddenly I started to feel better. Sitting with the darkness allowed me to see the light. My days are now so much brighter. And those few seconds in Child's Pose allowed me to come back into that light with a newfound gratitude and perspective.

So, thank you, Michael for taking a few moments out of your day to send me a little boost
- it means more than you'll ever know!

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