Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Easy come, Easy go..."

My father-in-law came out to stay with us over the weekend and brought some awesome energy into our lives. He has been working as a musician/actor/artist for the past 40 years and has been a yogi just as long, so whenever he visits, we are always in for a trip full of positive and mellow vibes. Devin has been dabbling in song-writing and recently wrote this little gem on the ukelele as a tribute to his grandfather, who passed away when he was only 4.

Here he is playing "Easy come, Easy go" with his dad at Windansea Beach.
3 generations coming together. I love the lyrics.......

"Easy come, easy go, Live your life, Let it flow.
That is what, he said to me. From his place in eternity
When he died, he was too young. So much more, he could have done
But had it gone another way, I wouldn’t be where I am today"

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