Friday, August 24, 2012

May you be so busy following your bliss . . .

Happy Friday, friends! It's crazy how quickly your life can change. Literally, like in 24 hours. My head is still spinning and I have butterflies in my stomach, which, based on my experiences over the past year, I have come to learn mean that I am headed towards something transformational - and I better hold on tight! A new opportunity just popped up that is very, very exciting yet at the same time will be very, very time consuming. From now until February 2013, I will be enrolled in the prestigious YogaWorks 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Professional program. Coming off a hard-working, busy summer, I was very much looking forward to more relaxing Fall, but sometimes when the opportunity presents itself, you gotta just dive in head first, right? I'm trying to draw strength and inspiration from the ocean as I approach this new endeavor - constantly reminding myself to stay focused on this beautiful opportunity unfolding in my life, allowing me to follow my bliss, untouched by outside distractions.

If you are in a similar situation, or sometimes find yourself getting a little distracted by the negativity, I encourage you too to adopt this blessing of sorts into your life: "May you be so busy following your bliss that you have no time for anyone or anything that doesn't give you wings." Looking forward to a new beginning and sharing it all with you ~ wish me luck!

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