Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Ode to Mama Ocean

I love the ocean. The ocean is a part of my soul. Maybe in a past life, I was a mermaid. Or possibly, I was a land-dweller who fell in love with a merman and yearned to live alongside him.  All I know is that when nothing else makes sense, I come back to the sea. Feeling her power move through every crashing wave, there is a sense of vulnerability one cannot escape. As if she merely allows us to exist. We are at her every whim. This feeling of utter and complete vulnerability brings me a renewed perspective and a chance to let go of a too-fast-paced existence. Life’s complications don’t seem quite so overwhelming anymore when I’m present and connected with the ocean. I can finally exhale.

When the time came to choose my first mala, I knew the Tiny Devotions Mala of Truth with its turquoise oceanic hues would be perfect for me and my mermaid soul.

As a yoga teacher, my intention is to always bring elements of nature, especially my deep love for the ocean, into every class I teach. I encourage my students to invite the strength, yet also the grace that the ocean embodies into their practice. Each yoga posture provides an opportunity to experience a beautiful balance between the two.

Tree pose is the perfect example of this. Once we find the strength to root down firmly through the legs and connect to a foundation beneath us, we have the ability to rise up, gracefully through the arms and grow ourselves outwardly into the world.

The lessons learned on our yoga mats have the ability to transform our lives, if we let them. So often I am able to witness radical transformations in the way my students live their lives, simply by committing to their yoga practice and being open to receive the change. Even a few minutes each day of moving your body, connecting with your breath and setting an intention can wildly improve the quality of your life.

So, at some point today or tomorrow, I invite you to take a pause. Let go of the need to rush from one place to the next. Be in this moment - right here, right now.  Let a fresh new breath of air fill up your lungs and then, sigh it all out.

Close your eyes and let yourself travel to a most peaceful place. For me, this is down by the sea. For you, this might be in an open field of wildflowers or on a mountain top, high above the rest of the world. Whenever you need to be, just go there, breathe deeply and enjoy.

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  1. Beautiful. Tree pose is my go-to pose if I'm feeling a bit unsure or unsettled.


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