Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yoga is for Every BODY

I recently wrote an article that is very close to my heart. "Yoga is for Every BODY" is dedicated to one of my very best friends who has been struggling with her weight and transforming her body for the past 3 years. She was one of my first yoga students - eager to let me practice my newbie teaching skills on her when I was going through Yoga Teacher Training back in 2010. As I fumbled between "inhales" and "exhales", she patiently waited for the next instruction, allowing me to guide her through poses her body was experiencing for the very first time.

Three years later, her and I have both grown so much. Me, into a more confident, knowledgeable yoga teacher and her, into a much more healthy and connected version of herself. Just last week, she came to the studio to take my class and....Voila! popped up into a HANDSTAND! A feat that, 3 years ago, was not only impossible for her body, but also incomprehensible for her mind to think that she could experience standing on her hands, upside down! I was fortunate enough to witness her mind, body and soul transform.

Here's an excerpt from the article, which is not only an ode to my friend and her journey, but also a reflection on the entire culture of yoga and how we can be more inclusive....

Yogis come in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, that’s not widely portrayed, leaving those that are not young, skinny and flexible feeling unwelcome, or worse, undeserving of a yoga practice.

You can read the full piece here, on MINDBODY's wellness blog, where I'm a monthly contributing writer.

Talk about a transformation!
2012 ------------ to ------------ 2013
Taking Mari for her first paddleboard sesh....amazing day in Laguna Beach!

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