Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Pack for a Yoga Retreat

In just a few days, we leave for our yoga retreat to Sayulita, Mexico! The weather will be in the mid-80s during the day and low 70s at night, so we'll be traveling on the lighter side -- my favorite! Bikinis, breezy beach cover-ups, boho-chic accessories, and a smile are the only necessities on this adventure. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you pack for a tropical yoga retreat:

1) Ditch the lululemon: there's no need for spandex and luon in paradise. Tightly-fitted materials can actually get super uncomfortable in hot, humid climates, so looser, cotton-based fabrics for daily yoga practice are the way to go.
2) It's not a beauty contest: unlike at home, where sometimes we are tempted to do our hair and make-up for class, this is supposed to be your vacation. Kick back, relax, and embrace the all-natural vibes. Don't stress too much about what you look like. In fact, most yoga studios in Mexico don't even have mirrors -- that's typically a more American thing. Take an jungle hike or swim in the ocean before class if you want, then come as you are. Salt and sand are nature's best kept beauty secrets!
3) "Travel light, Live light, Spread light, Be the light." -- this famous saying by yogi bhajan is my mantra for every retreat. Leave the heavy baggage at home - physically and energetically. Don't overload your suitcase with a bunch of stuff that will weigh you down. Lighten the load on your spirit so you can properly recharge and re-ignite your spark. Be open to meeting new people, embracing new cultures, and spreading positive vibrations where ever you land. 

Here's what I'm packing for our upcoming yoga retreat in paradise . . .

my favorite sunscreen: raw elements organic eco formula spf 30; burt's bees lip balm with spf; tiny devotions mala beads (I take this beauty everywhere I travel);  aviator sunglasses; my passport; pesos (dollars work in Sayulita too, so don't stress if you don't have time to convert your money!

"Life is a Dance" Sayulita Gypsy beach bag; crochet beach cover up; ocean-inspired beaded necklace; and my favorite all-purpose big flowy scarf: use on the airplane to keep warm, on the beach as a cover up, and as a make-shift towel on the go.

long flowy dresses and a hi-low skirt for moonlit parties on the beach

after the morning yoga class, it's straight to the beach! bikini top by despi; bottom is vitamin a

you can never pack too many bathing suits!
black top: billabong; pink bottoms: rip curl.
blue top: vitamin a; blue bottoms: luli fama

on day 3 of the retreat, i'm teaching a stand-up padleboard yoga (SUP Yoga) workshop. these roxy outdoor fitness pants are made out of wetsuit material but are super light & stretchy. green sports bra is also from the roxy outdoor fitness line. cheapie sunglasses are a must! don't take your expensive shades out on the ocean :) 

my beach reads on this trip: "meditations from the mat" by rolf gates.
 "may cause miracles" and "spirit junkie" by gabrielle bernstein.
"yoga and ayurveda" by dr. david frawley.
also -- bring your own journal to document the trip!

Want to take your travel preparedness to the next level?
Check out my secrets on How To Stay Healthy while Traveling! 

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  1. love your TD mala! Hoping to save up for one one of these days!


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