Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mermaid Pose Breakdown with Mandy + Janalyn

We've been having a blast this month during the #mermaidyogis challenge on instagram! As a host, I've been lucky enough to witness some real, meaningful breakthroughs, both physically and mentally as our mermaid amigas participating around the world have shared with us. I absolutely love seeing women feel empowered and supported!

MERMAID POSE (also known as a variation of traditional eka pada rajakapotasana) is the peak pose of our #mermaidyogis challenge, which over 1,000 yoga girls from around the world have been working towards throughout the month of June. The "final expression" of the pose (pictured below) is a really deep hip opener AND a really deep back-bend. This pose can be extremely difficult (and even dangerous!) for people to try to access if they are not warmed up enough. The first step to getting into this deep pose is to move through multiple sun salutations and a variety of other postures (warrior 2, side angle pose, camel, wheel, etc.) to make sure that your muscles are warm and your breath is profound before attempting it. 

Additionally, this pose can be really intimidating to newer yogis. We want all mermaids to know that there are multiple variations of this pose that you can practice -- you don't always have to (nor should you!) aim for the deepest version of the pose. You should aim for the variation that feels best in your body today. 

Janalyn and I created this tutorial to show you the 6 different mermaid pose variations that exist out there. Each one of these options can offer you deep hip-opening, new-found length in your spine, a wide-open heart space and a true feeling of accomplishment. It's important as yogis to not always push ourselves into the "peak pose". Remember (on your mat and in life) to be present, breathe profoundly, and be grateful for wherever your body wants to take you today. 

We hope you learn something in this tutorial, or at the very least, you leave inspired to love your amazing body and the beautiful poses your body allows you to explore. The gorgeous yoga space we are practicing in here is our local beach, Windansea in La Jolla, San Diego, California.

With love and namaste,

Mandy Burstein     
Janalyn Yanover   

@zengirlmandy @horizonlightphotography #mermaidyogis

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