Wednesday, November 5, 2014

tonight's taurus full moon - feeling fierce?

Have you been feeling more energized lately? More focused on your goals than usual? If so, you are perfectly in sync with the cosmos!

This early November Full Moon brings the ambitious energy of Taurus into full effect. Typically, the last two months of the year tend to get lost in a haze of holiday gatherings and over-indulging, with more focus on letting loose and less focus on our goals. However, this year is proving to be much different! The opposite energy is circulating right now -- a fierce, determined, Taurus-influenced energy is encouraging us to do the opposite of years past. During this moon cycle, your drishti is on point. For all the non-yogis, that means your gaze or your focal point is spot on. Keep your eyes focused on your goals over the next two weeks. Don't be deterred by a bustling social calendar. Now is the time to indulge -- in your work, in your passions, in anything you have been aspiring towards all year long. It could finally be yours, if you choose to harness this potent, steadfast Taurus energy. 

The perfect yoga pose to practice under this full moon is a posture that truly challenges you. One that makes you dig your hands down into the earth, find your roots and learn how to fly. For me, this is handstand. Some other perfect challenge poses for this particular moon are: pincha mayurasana (forearm stand), koundinyasana (hurdler's pose) and titibasana (firefly pose). 

Taurus is an Earth sign so don't be afraid to practice outside. Now is the ideal time to feel the sand (or grass) between your toes and re-establish your connection with mama Earth.

For those of you that are feeling unclear on your goals, unsure of the next step to take in your career, relationships and/or life in general, don't worry -- we've all been there! I encourage you to soak up this determined Taurus energy and start to focus on what you really want out of life. The answers will come if you take time to listen. Even if you're life isn't making total sense right now, understand that everything is unfolding as it should, and there is indeed a higher purpose.

If this speaks to you, please take the time to experience our latest Mermaid Meditation. Janalyn Yanover and I created a series of seven meditations, inspired by the sea. This is number two. The "confidence" meditation will align you with your divine purpose, give you clarity and that push forward to continue to pursue your goals and dreams. 

I am trusting that I am exactly where I'm meant to be in my life at this very moment.
I have faith that the Universe will take good care of me on my journey.
I release the need to control or over-think the way my life is unfolding. 
I have faith that the Universe has my back. 

{if embedded video isn't working, you can view it here as well}

check out our other mermaid meditations here. namaste!

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