Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Next Woman Poetry -- December 17th in San Diego!

As women, we have immense intuitive and healing abilities to positively uplift and nourish ourselves and those around us. Unfortunately, more often that not, we stand in our own way. We hold onto past pain, heartbreak, regret, disappointments and most of all -- fear. We cling to these emotions and allow them to grow inside our bodies and minds. This manifests as digestive issues, stubborn belly fat, tightness in the shoulders, hips and low back -- and that's just on a physical level. Energetically, we can feel stuck, stagnant, and uncomfortable. 

Life is not meant to be lived this way! The sooner we acknowledge these emotions and move through them, we create the space for NEW energy to arise. Positive, uplifting energy to nourish ourselves and others. The ultimate freedom. All of us deserve to feel FREE.

Woman Poetry is an incredibly healing experience. It is an opportunity to practice radical self-love. Woman Poetry is a chance to release, shed and surrender the negative emotions we hold onto. 

Saturday December 17
5 - 8 PM at Trilogy Sanctuary
hosted by Mandy BursteinJade Alectra

Do something different this Holiday Season -- treat yourself to a night of Divine Healing.

Experience a 2 hour Woman Poetry flow -- their signature yoga style that allows the body to express and move through past pain and heartbreak, without judgement, fear or control. Enjoy a luxuriously long Savasana with essential oils, sound healing, and guided meditation. The night culminates with a Goddess Circle, carefully cultivating inner strength, confidence, connection and sisterhood. Open to any woman that is ready to fall head-over-heels in love with herself!

Check out the powerful #womanpoetry movement that has inspired self-love around the world.

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