Sunday, December 23, 2012


My latest obession can described in one word: DOGA.
also known as ~ dogs doing yoga, doing yoga with, around and/or near your dog. 
Dogs are natural yogis. Throughout the day, they are constantly stretching their spines, exploring poses like cat, cow, updog and downdog and begging for a belly rub in their version of savasana. And when it comes to their owners doing yoga, dogs can be playful participants, protective watch-dogs and sometimes, if you're really lucky, a gracious assistant giving you a much-need adjustment or lick of encouragement.

It took me 3 years to get these, but I was finally able to capture some photos of me and my pup, Sammy doing doga on a beach in mexico....
I thought I was the only one that tried to capture these magical moments on camera, but thanks to instagram, I've discovered a whole community of dog-loving yogis! Here is a collection of my favorite DOGA pics, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
@goldiell0x is the original inspiration for this blog. She and her pittie have a super deep connection that resonates through her photos. He watches her like a hawk, "protecting" her from inversions and nuzzling her during deep stretches.... 

i love the matching "outfits" in this pic and their PURE FOCUS....
downward facing doggie...
these sweet pups are like,"ummm, MAMA! where are you???
don't you know it's time for YOGA!?"
.... and these two friends decided to start practice with OR without mama. SO dedicated - they must be ashtangis :)
@yenforyoga has the perfect drishti (focus point) for nailing this headstand - her sweet german shepard.
@yenforyoga has an incredible yogic connection with her Lab - how perfectly in sync are these two?!  SO adorable!

@jessiicajade gets a little adjustment from her pup in this figure 4 toe stand and
@amberstarr82 gets some licks of encouragement in camel pose

yogis - when working on your inversions, don't forget, dogs are the best spotters!

the newest trend ~ ACRO DOGA ~ using your pup as a prop to deepen your practice...
getting a little puppy snuggle in balasana, child's pose...
and this final photo, to me, is the full expression of doga:
total and complete ZEN. how peaceful does this pup look?!

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