Friday, December 14, 2012

Yoga Retreat: Sayulita MX 2012 ~ siempre tendrás mi corazón

If there is one photo that could describe how I feel about Sayulita, this would be it....

We just got home from our annual yoga retreat to Sayulita, Mexico four days ago and I've definitely been in la-la-land ever since. It was so magical being down there, unplugged from technology (for the most part!) and fully connecting with nature every single day. It's always hard to jump back into life after a lovely vacation or retreat, so I'm making a huge effort this week to keep the vacation vibrations flowing as much as possible. Here is a photo journal I put together of our yoga retreat to the vibrantly colorful, artistic, zen-inducing seaside village of Sayulita. Hope you enjoy the photos and are inspired to take a retreat of your own one day!

the town plaza: December 6, 2012.
 festive decorations for las navidades, the christmas holiday festivals

our practice space at OM Yoga Sayulita, an open-air studio in the jungle countryside.  we booked a workshop there with melissa and michaela, accompanied by a live DJ. it was so incredibly peaceful and inspiring!
our favorite thing to do down there in between yoga classes - horseback riding through the jungle onto secluded Pascuarito beach
meeting our good friends Eric and Chantel in town for some delicious local food from Burrito Revolucion - their veggie burrito is the best!

most days went like this: morning yoga with heather, lunch in town, following by hours and hours of lounging on the beach taking a traditional siesta. snacking on some fresh caught oysters and local beers on the beach. enjoying sunset. then returning to the hotel for my restorative yoga by candlelight class every night. here is one of our many wonderfully indulgent beach days....


and post-evening yoga dinners in town! so many delicious restaurants to choose from. just like the vinyasa, the margaritas and mojitos were a-flowing :)

dinner on the 3rd night in Sayulita was an absolute highlight for us! we found a tiny little spot called Il Vizietto with two chefs who moved from italy about 6 years ago. they made us the most delicious plates of hand-made carbonara pasta, saffron risotto, eggplant pizza and a cheese platter that we got to enjoy while hanging out in swings! we pair our dinner with petit syrah from LA Cetto (a mexican vineyard near ensenada). they are only open for dinners and closed on sundays, but if you make it to sayulita, this place is a must! 

me and my yoga girls, Emily and Laura feeling inspired by the rustic charm of the country roads in Sayulita.....

thank you, Sayulita, Mexico for all the memories.
you brought new friends, new adventures,
new inspiration and new energy into my life. i am forever grateful.
siempre tendrás mi corazón.
you will always have my heart.

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