Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Circle

Have you ever had one of those "full circle" moments? Where when the energy you send out comes right back to you? Sometimes it takes a few days or even weeks, but when it comes around full circle it truly feels amazing and allows for the workings of the world to make a little more sense.

I feel so lucky to have had one of these moments. Two days ago, my sister booked me a massage for my birthday at a super beautiful, zen studio called Natural Resonance in Ocean Beach. My body has been extremely sore since returning from 6 days of leading a teacher training with ocean paddling, fitness and SUP yoga in Mexico, so I was more than excited for this session. Little did I know, by the end of the day, I would be not only physically, but also spiritually restored. 

While filling out the pre-treatment paperwork, the owner of Natural Resonance, Katie asked what I do and we began to talk about yoga. I mentioned that I was so excited to be teaching Pre-Natal Yoga later in the day and she said, "Oh! I'm preggers!" She had never taken a prenatal yoga class, but was open to it, so I invited her to attend.

After an incredible massage filled with relaxing music and Katie's healing energy (and not to mention, a heated massage table - so cool!), we said our goodbyes. Two hours later, Katie shows up at Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla for my class. The class was filled with almost all first-time mamas, so the energy that day was very excited, open and receptive. In addition to connecting with their pregnant bodies on a physical level, I led the mamas through a meditation with their babies and guided them towards breathing together with their babies. During and after class, they got to chat about how their pregnancies and feel a sense of community with the other mamas. I felt so honored to be able to give back to Katie some of the healing energy she provided me with earlier in the day. It was truly a full circle exchange of energy that I am humbled to have experienced.

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