Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chasing Dreams in the North Sea

I'm so proud of my student Tamara - she just crushed a huge life goal! 

Tamara came to me in March of this year letting me know that she was moving from California to a small island called Sylt in the North Sea of Germany in 3 months and that she wanted to teach Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga there. There were only two small problems: Tamara wasn't too familiar with paddling - or with yoga!

 Always up for a good challenge and inspired by her passion of bringing SUP Yoga to this remote part of the world, I agreed to train her. Over the next few months, we worked hard together to create a program that would be both safe and fun for Germans who are not at all comfortable with the open ocean. We researched the area and together learned about the wind and currents around the island of Sylt and brainstormed ideas for anchoring the boards and using a buoy system to prevent her students from floating away mid-yoga practice.

Look how confident Tamara looks teaching here - yay! So proud!

A German military helicopter flies super close over Tamara's
class giving them an added challenge of a bit more wind to play with!

Leading her students through a pre-paddle shoulder opening yoga sequence. 

I received an email from Tamara this morning updating me on how things are going over on the island of Sylt. She is so ecstatic about reaching her goal of bringing SUP Yoga to the North Sea and is already planning her business strategies for Summer 2014! To follow her journey, you can visit her Sylt Synergy SUP Yoga facebook page. 

"Thank you Mandy, for all of your help! I AM ON CLOUD 9!!!! Or 'Wolkig 7' as they say here in Germany! I can't believe I actually did it! I conquered my goal and dream of teaching SUP on Sylt in Germany! I have to say a BIG Thank you to you, Mandy for all of your wonderful training!! Your ever inspiring pictures on Instagram and Facebook photos, blog and posts are just wonderful and motivating! I am so very blessed that I got your training at the beginning of the year. I just can't believe that I did what I actually said.

I was the first person, ever! to teach SUP yoga on Sylt yesterday! I am elated. I can't stop laughing, pinching myself... I am just astonished, I woke up this morning and had to ask, "Did that really happen yesterday!?"

Tamara - I am so proud of you! Keep following your dreams! 
Namaste xoxo, Mandy

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