Friday, December 6, 2013

My #1 Natural Remedy This Winter

Turmeric is my go-to spice, especially during these chilly winter months when our immune systems get compromised and we are prone to getting sick. If you only have one spice in your spice drawer, it better be this magical one! Turmeric is an orange colored spice grown in India and other tropical locations. It is considered one of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents available today and is referred to as the Queen of Spices. For Ayurveda and Chinese medicine practitioners, turmeric is the natural remedy for clearing infections and inflammations on both the inside and outside of the body.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, the father of modern Integrative Medicine and brain behind the popular True Food Kitchen restaurants....

“Following an anti-inflammatory diet can help counteract the chronic inflammation that is a root cause of many serious diseases, including those that become more frequent as people age. It is a way of selecting and preparing foods based on science that can help people achieve and maintain optimum health over their lifetime.” 

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Turmeric's many benefits include: Cancer Prevention, Arthritis Reliever, Diabetes Control, Heals Wounds, Alzheimer's Disease Prevention, Improves Digestion, Natural Liver Detoxifier, Maintains Ideal Body Weight, Reduces Cholesterol Level, Boosts Immune System

There are a few different ways to consume Turmeric:

  - Root form: put a chunk in juicer to compliment your favorite green-juice recipe

  - Powder form: sprinkle on food as you are cooking
(at least one big, heaping tablespoon)

  - Liquid form: herbal tincture; use dropper to add to your tea

  - Capsules/Supplement form: take with your other vitamins to decrease internal inflammation

My favorite Turmeric recipes:
· Healthy Turmeric Tea
  Mango Berry and Turmeric Smoothie
  Thai Curried Noodles with Broccoli and Tofu
  Cauliflower & Cheese
(healthy, vegan take on classic mac-n-cheese)

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this awesome article: 22 Surprising Uses for Turmeric, which includes some totally unexpected uses like teeth whitening and remedy for swimmer’s ear. 

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