Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Blazing Your Own Trail

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to know my students outside of the yoga classroom. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to be the sounding board for many yogis with bold aspirations in their hearts. Some, of course, want to become yoga teachers themselves one day and share this practice they love so much with the world. To them I say: YES! Sign up for Yoga Teacher Training. Study, learn and grow. And when you feel ready, teach, teach, teach your heart out. The world needs more healers. Another student of mine wants to open an organic food truck that brings green juice to the masses. So, once a week, we meet after class to discuss her business plan and {*my favorite part*} sample her healthy creations. Another dreamed up this crazy plan to bring Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga to a small remote island in Germany -- and together, we found a way to make that happen!

I feel blessed to be surrounded by, not only the dreamers, but also the "do-ers". I LOVE encouraging people to become the best version of themselves and watching them actually follow through! They challenge society's view of what one should do in life and are ready to give up the comfort and stability of often-times well-paying office jobs to explore their creativity and true passions. Very, very powerful stuff!

courtesy of the ever-inspiring blazer of trails, kris carr

I truly believe we were put on this planet to push our boundaries and fulfill our highest potentials. But.....what happens when it comes to my own life?! What happens when I can no longer just talk-the-talk but actually have to start walking-the-walk? I was challenged in the biggest of ways this year to really, truly practice what I preach. My husband Devin, who has been the rock of our family, encouraged me to leave an office job I was unhappy with to pursue my creative passions. Now, 3 years later, it's time for me to step up and return the favor. His dream is to open up his own law firm and pursue private practice. This requires him leaving a very comfortable, very stable office job to become self-employed. It all sounds well and good (he's moving outside his comfort zone - yay! he's loosing sight of the shore - double yay!) until FEAR starts to set it. Oh, good old, trusty FEAR. We can always count on you to be there in a moment of uncertainty, whispering evil-nothings like, "What if we deplete our savings in the first few months? What if we can't pay our mortgage? What if he works so hard and no more time for our beloved vacations?"

For months, we wrestled with the idea, back and forth. When I was for it, he was against, and vice versa. It seemed like we could never get on the same page. FEAR had taken hold of our relationship and was toying around with us like two little rag dolls. Our many years of studying yoga and meditation (me = 5 years and him = 20+ years) had magically flown out the window, leaving us stressed and riddled with anxiety. For yoga-loving beach bums, this was about as far from our natural states as we could get. It was not good.

Then, mysteriously, something just clicked. He gathered up more courage and confidence and I remembered to breathe and reconnect with my faith. Just as he devoted himself to helping me explore my dreams, I needed to devote my energy into cultivating more faith in him, in us, in everything happening as it should.

Faith over fear -- that's my big lesson out of all of this. 

So, here we are, December 3, 2013 - Devin's first official day of his very own law firm. We did it! Self-employed and ready to take on the world! Last night, he said goodbye to his amazing co-workers at Federal Defenders and walked away from stability and comfort to venture into the unknown. Faith over fear is the mantra we keep close as he starts this new journey and blazes his own trail. And now, every time a yoga student or friend comes to me with a pipe dream, a far-fetched aspiration shining in their soul, I understand what it takes to bring yourself to that place. The endless amounts of courage, confidence, perspective and faith one needs to look fear in the eyes and just keep moving, because you know, deep down, that a better life - your BEST life - lies ahead and is waiting for you.

devin taking the leap - literally! waimea falls, hawaii 2011

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