Monday, June 23, 2014

Baja Yoga Soul Retreat: August 22 - 24

Two months from today, we will be relaxing on a vineyard in the heart of Mexico's wine country, the Valle de Guadalupe, sipping locally grown vino and feasting on a meal prepared with love by Hilda Pacheco-Taylor, the founder of Corazon de Vida foundation and owner of Trevista Vineyards. It will look a little something like this . . .

As day turns to night, we'll head back to our beach houses at Marina Puerto Salina where we'll soak up even more good vibrations by the sea. In the morning, we'll wake up, either do yoga on the beach, surf or paddleboard, then head out for our 2nd visit to Door of Faith orphanage to spread love to the many children that call it home. Doesn't it all sound lovely?

This is an experience I've dreamed about creating for the past few years. I've been traveling back and forth regularly to northern Baja California, Mexico for waves, great food and visiting the amazing wine country for the past five years. Finally, I've found the perfect partner to make this retreat happen with: Corazon de Vida foundation. They support over 14 orphanages in the region and the founder of CdV, Hilda, also runs a beautiful vineyard in Valle de Guadalupe. Perfect match! For this unique 3 day retreat experience, we'll play at the beach, lead you on a guided local tour of the famous "Guadalupe Valley" and take you to the orphanage for a few hours on Friday and a few hours on Sunday to meet the kids. It will be an unforgettable experience to re-charge your soul and re-align your spirit with nature and new friends! Everyone involved in planning this retreat is donating their resources to make it happen and keep it affordable, so the pricing is a flat rate of $399, sharing a room. Most rooms have a queen bed, a few have multiple beds in the room. We are keeping it to only 14 participants, for this special, well-rounded adventure to the beaches and valleys of Baja, so grab a roommate and reserve your spot asap! 

I can't wait to take you all down there! :) Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions! 

Namaste, Mandy


  1. This sounds amazing! Would you be willing to give me the contacts to help plan this type of event:)

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