Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mermaid Moon Meditation

The energy surrounding the full moon is powerful and potent. Each month, we are offered a new opportunity to unplug and re-charge our spirits with the healing energy of the full moon. Lots of times, you will hear yoga teachers or healers say harness the energy of the full moon - but many people have a hard time wrapping their mind around what that means. I've been studying the moon cycles for the past four years, and what I've learned is that under a full moon, the collective energy of the Universe is super-charged, at a higher intensity than normal, so there runs the risk for miscommunication, confusion and general misunderstanding in both personal and business settings. It's generally advised not to negotiate contracts or make any big business decisions on or around the full moon. Instead, this 3 day period allows us the opportunity to pause and reflect. 

The photo I chose here is of the first full moon of this year ~ January 16, 2014. I was leading a yoga retreat down in Mexico and this big, shimmering moon rose above us as we ate our welcome dinner on the hotel rooftop. I had just finished leading the first yoga class of the trip, it was a deep restorative practice that united our energy as a group. Suddenly, this gorgeous moon came up and captivated our hearts. We all knew it would be one to remember.

So, here we are. Six months into this year. Looking back to your first full moon of 2014 - where were you? What was going on in your life? I'm sure there have been some big shifts in your life, hopefully for the positive, but either way, take a pause to notice what's changed. Good, bad or thing's for sure - you've come a long way, baby! Tonight's the night to acknowledge the growth and plant the seeds for what's to come. I invite you to expand this mini-meditation into whatever you need. Repeat each mantra just once or multiple times each. Above all, just breathe. The Universe wants to heal your soul and focus your mind under this full moon. Close your eyes and be open to whatever comes up!

breathe in : I AM HERE
breathe out : I AM NOW
repeat three times

inhale : GRATITUDE
exhale : COURAGE
repeat three times

I am grateful for my past, courageous in the present and excited about the future.
repeat three times

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