Tuesday, October 7, 2014

tonight's aries full moon lunar eclipse - what's holding you back?

Tonight, we will experience a total lunar eclipse during the Aries Full Moon. This represents lots of changing, powerful energy in the air that can be harvested for reflection and used towards the betterment of yourself, if you so choose. 

There are 2 full lunar eclipses in 2014, the first one occurred on April 15th and the second is this one on Wednesday, October 8th. This eclipse happening now brings closure and a period of winding down as we transition in Mercury retrograde this fall. What events from the late spring (April 15th and on) are you ready to put behind you? How can you bring yourself full circle during this Aries Full Moon eclipse and graciously close out this phase in your life? According to NASA, here in California, we will be able to clearly see this total lunar eclipse between 3:25 and 4:25 AM and it will appear 5.3% larger than the one back in April.

My favorite moon reader, Rebekah Shaman explains the upcoming moon phase in this way: "The Aries full moon total eclipse will help us to see what internal processes are stopping us from shining bright. Aries is the fiery first sign of the zodiac, the youngest of the signs and the one that is the most impetuous, aggressive, superior, competitive and immature. This eclipsed moon can remove the veil so that we get to see this weakness within us and where it is not serving us." 

It just so happens that in conjunction with this eclipsed full moon, I'm also currently obsessed with the book "The 4 Agreements" and am using the month of October to present these special agreements, one each week, in my yoga classes. Yesterday commenced Week One and in all my classes, we are collectively moving through the first agreement, "Be Impeccable With Your Word". Spiritual teacher Don Miguel Ruiz describes this first agreement as the most important one you can ever make with yourself. It is through this agreement that you can change the course of your life and direct yourself towards freedom and liberation. 

Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

I agree that this is the most important "pact" you can ever make with yourself. So many times throughout the day, we find ourselves in situations where we are tempted to gossip about others. In our society, oftentimes we're even encouraged to spew negativity and hatred from our lips. Many, many times, since I was a child up until this very morning, I have found myself in groups of girls (sorry ladies -- we are definitely the biggest culprits of this!) where the only topic of conversation is about someone else and how they choose to live their lives. On a deeper level, gossiping or sometimes we call it "connecting" with our girlfriends feels good and like we are bonding with them on some profound level. But, at the end of the day, that's just not true. Listen carefully to how a personal speaks about other people to you. This is how they will speak about you to other people. Think about it: it's all fun and games gossiping about others until you are the one being gossiped about. 

This whole "be impeccable with your word" thing is actually two-fold: not only should you be mindful of the words you speak about other people, you should also be extremely mindful of the way you talk about yourself. When looking at yourself in the mirror, in photos, on a yoga mat, when you catch your reflection walking by a window....try starting with positive affirmations before the negative ones arise. Recognize your outer beauty AND start to appreciate and acknowledge the inner beauty you are developing over the years through new found wisdom and spiritual connection. The most important relationship we can ever have is with ourselves - choose your thoughts and your words wisely.

This all ties back into the current moon phase we are traveling through. This eclipsed Aries Full Moon invites us to notice what in our lives is holding us back from becoming the most vibrant, positive version of ourselves. To me, it all comes back to our thoughts, which manifest as our words. When we are being truly impeccable with our words, speaking with intention, we are kind to ourselves and those around us. We are not tempted to get caught up in petty gossip or trying to bring others down to make ourselves feel better. We surround ourselves with positive, uplifting people who engage in profound conversations and support the growth, nourishment and flourishing of others. As the ravishing Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” 

 What are you discussing?

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