Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gossip Detox: Why Negative Words Won't Equal a Positive Life

Ever feel like you need a gossip detox? Just like that upset feeling you get in your tummy after you've stuffed your face with food that sounded good at the time, but you immediately regretted, gossip can leave us feeling empty, unsatisfied and just plain icky inside. We're all guilty of it. Many, many times I've found myself at a dinner table full of girls and our conversations consist solely of other people and our judgments on how they live their lives. At the time, it makes us feel more connected to our friends, like we share some kind of sacred bond. But what we all know deep down is that this kind of negative dialogue sends negative vibrations into the Universe and boomerangs that negative energy right back at us. The cosmic boomerang never fails to reveal the truth. When our conversations lack love, so do our lives. Negative, hurtful words (towards yourself and others) will never lead to a positive life. 

I recently came across this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that really got me thinking . . ."Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people"

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This quote put a big mirror up to my face and had me asking myself -- What are YOU discussing?  These days, the focus of my everyday life is growing my yoga business and fulfilling my personal goals, which leaves very little time for mindless conversations. In the conversations that I do have that are non-project-related, it just doesn't make sense anymore to waste my time on petty gossip. If my goal is to increase the amount of love, joy and success in my life, why would I engage in a downward spiral of negative energy flow? One is propelling me forward, one is holding me back. Can you see the contradictions there???  My new intention lately has been to elevate all my conversations to the level in which everyone involved leaves feeling empowered and soul-satisfied.

Some people have the misconception that the yoga community is somehow immune to gossip. They think us yogis sit around all day talking about our upward-facing dogs and how quickly we're moving towards enlightenment. SO NOT TRUE! Well...kinda true, haha! I do spend an obscene amount of time dissecting the anatomy of yoga poses with fellow teacher friends and could talk all day long about that sweat lodge experience in Mexico. But, let's keep it real, people.

You can drink all the green juice you want and preach world peace all day long, but if you run your mouth around town spewing hurtful, malicious words about others, you'll never propel yourself forward in the direction of your dreams. Your best, most positive life is out there waiting for you. Why waste another minute? As Don Miguel Ruiz writes in his book, The Four Agreements, always be impeccable with your words. Use the power of your Word in the direction of TRUTH and LOVE. And maybe try a gossip detox .... you might just like how good it feels!

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