Friday, December 5, 2014

tonight's gemini full moon - are you ready to connect the dots?

This last full moon of 2014 peaks at around 4am California time on Saturday, December 6th and comes loaded with some powerful questions. What type of energy are you putting out into the world? What type of life do you really want to be living?

Gemini, represented by the twins, is a sign of duality. This full moon illuminates the opposing forces in our lives. Notice in your life where the tugs exists. Where are you feeling pulled between two drastically different things? In what parts of your life are you really fearful....and in what parts are you really loving? This Gemini Full Moon brings those opposites to the surface and encourages you to seek balance to find a happy place moving between the two with grace and ease. Own the dualities in your life. This month, stand in your power. And in doing so, take ownership of your life and direct it in the way that you want it to go. 

This Gemini Full Moon is the time to wrap up old, toxic energies that are no longer serving you. We must do the hard work now and move from the darkness to the light so that 2015 can begin on a positive, uplifting note. Use these next few weeks to tie up the loose ends of past pain and move forward into the light. 

Astrologer Kelly Rosano says ~ “Real growth is painful at times. Change is the only constant. Growth is optional. The Gemini Full Moon message is to Step Up. Be brave. Get in the driver seat. Empower yourself.” (via mystic mamma

Gemini is also the powerhouse sign of communication and community. Start articulating what you really want out of life. Reach out to your community. Let them know that you need help and support in your spiritual journey. Don't have a tribe yet? One of my favorite astrologers, Rebekah Shaman has this advice about tonight's moon -- Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini full moon boosts our courage so we can start sharing and speaking our truth. However, Gemini reminds us to also be self aware and take personal responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives. Take time out from miserable, depressing people and use the friendly, communicative, adventurous Gemini energy to find a new positive, uplifting community. This Gemini moon will show us mind-blowing synchronicities, magical meetings and connections and how everything is interconnected when our hearts and minds are aligned with the same purpose."

Gemini is the great connector. Now is the time to connect the dots of your year. Look back with love at 2014. How has each event (good and bad) led you to where you are at in this very moment. How have the people you met shaped your reality? Who has opened YOUR eyes to new ways of thinking? Who have YOU helped see the light? Now, in this final Full Moon of 2014, is the time to see and really, truly believe that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. We are all one. 

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