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Zen Girl's 2014 Guide to Mindful Holiday Shopping

Every year, the holiday season brings out the consumer in all of us. There is a general understanding that we shower our loved ones with material possessions, which doesn't have to be a bad thing, if these gifts are coming from a mindful place. In this year's Zen Girl's Guide to Mindful Holiday Shopping, I'm featuring seven of my favorite small businesses of 2014 -- all of which sell presents with purpose. Each item has a story, a message and/or an ability to increase the overall health and happiness of the lucky recipient. I wish you all a beautiful holiday season and encourage you to shop with intention and mindfulness this year! XO!

1) The Bohemian Yogi -The Piece Collection
yoga girls with wanderlust in their hearts will appreciate any item from The Piece Collection. Casey and Allasia are "two girls collecting the world for you, one piece at a time". Their items for sale include: super soft Turkish robes, fringe Moroccan leather bags, handmade jewelry from Nepal, Peru and more. Their pieces have been carefully curated with intention and purpose and are sure t WOW whoever is lucky enough to receive one.

2) The Glamorous Yogi -- Axiology Lipstick
all natural, 100% organic, vegan lipstick. Look gorgeous and practice ahimsa -- the best of both worlds! Axiology founder Ericka Rodriguez lives in NYC and traveled to Bali last year to research the most natural, non-toxic ingredients for her new cosmetics line. She recently introduced her first product, vegan lipstick to the market and it's creating a firestorm of love in the yoga world. Axiology is about to change the way yoga girls shop for makeup. Snag a tube of this lipstick for the holistic hottie in your life!

3) The Fashionista Yogi -- Mermaid by Hand Jewelry
designer Eliza Sloane created the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that any bohemian, free-spirit, ocean-loving zen girl would swoon over. Using seashells, sea glass, big chunks of turquoise and beautiful gems like Australian opal, each piece of MBH jewelry is lovingly kissed by the sea, then crafted into an exquisite bracelet, necklace, ring or other statement piece of your choice.

4) The Mermaid Yogi -- Women's Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard by ISLE
speaking of mermaids, earlier this year, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with San Diego based action sports company, ISLE to create the first inflatable stand up paddle board specifically for SUP Yoga. Of course, I had to make sure it was turquoise and pink and had lotus flowers all over it - duh! :) Not only is it one of the most affordable paddleboards on the market, but it deflates into the size of a backpack, so you can check it as luggage and take it with you around the world. This is a perfect present as it encourages you to stay healthy and therefore happy all year long!

5) The Creative Yogi -- Grizzy Love
we all know that girl who refuses to wear plain jane black yoga pants. Her soul cries out for color, design, creativity! Give this girl exactly what she needs, and wants -- anything from Grizzy Love. With an assortment of leggings that have everything from dream catchers to the colorful chakra system hand-screened down the leg, to tanks that have adorable sayings like child of the universe and OM is wherever i'm with you, this clothing line is full of intention and inspiration.

6) The Healthy Yogi -- Rickaroons
These three-bite snacks have personally saved my life on many occasions. You know those super busy days when you don't have time to sit down for breakfast....or lunch?! Rickaroons are the perfect superfood snack that are so deliciously indulgent but without the guilt. They're 100% organic, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and paleo-approved. Packed full of healthy ingredients like: chia seeds, cacao nibs, almond butter and coconut, these guys have a 2 month shelf life, making them the crowd-pleasing stocking stuffer of 2014!

7) The Ultimate Seeker -- May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein
this book has totally changed my life! I started reading Gabby's books at the beginning of 2014 and they've encouraged me to dive deep into my spiritual practice, specifically seeking out my fears and transforming them into love. Through her books, I've learned to reflect, notice and understand parts of myself on a deeper level. I'm less quick to judge, get angry and feel scared. For that girl in your life that lives with a heart wide open and has a million unanswered questions about her purpose, the Universe and why we are all here, do her a favor and get her this book! She'll thank you later...

photo source
Books make the best gifts! Here is some other dope literature I got the chance to read in 2014 and totally fell in love with. Consider any of these for the free spirit, zen-seeking mamacita in your life....

8) The Adevturous Yogi -- a ZEN GIRL YOGA RETREAT!
give the gift of world and soul exploration. I've got a fun line-up of yoga retreats and workshops coming up in 2015 and would love to have the Zen Girl in your life join us! I've been lucky enough to witness some major spiritual breakthroughs happen on my retreats and am so excited for next year's bunch of open-hearted yogis. Email me and we can set something up!

Love and Blessings to you all!
Zen Girl Mandy

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