Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First New Moon of 2015 - How to harness the Aquarius Supermoon energy in your life

This Aquarius New Moon is a powerful one! The first New Moon of 2015 is a Supermoon, meaning that it is much closer to the Earth than normal and therefore, we can feel it in our bodies and hearts much more profoundly. If you've been harnessing the New Year energy wisely, you've taken the first three weeks of the year as an opportunity to reflect, absorb and forecast for the year ahead. Instead of setting arbitrary goals and trying to figure out what you want to do this year, you've asked yourself "How do I really want to feel this year?" And from that place of understanding what type of energy you want to bring into your life in 2015, you can then start to craft goals and action items that will invite these feelings and sensations into your reality.

Why is it important to be in touch with the moon? This exact question was answered to me on so many levels this morning. I participated in a New Moon Temple hosted by Goddess Rising and the response was this: The magic Wild Woman inside each of us can be remembered and then revealed once we re-connect with the natural lunar cycles. Let go, let it flow, let the moon guide your soul.

So here we are, friends. The first NEW MOON of the year has finally arrived. But, what does it all mean? Well, a New Moon is the ideal time to plant seeds. To build, to grow and to expand what we want more of in our lives.

How do I make the most of a New Moon cycle? First ask yourself, what do I need to release? Or what am I ready to weed out of my life? Then, participate in some sacred new moon rituals.
- light a candle
- take a few deep breaths
- physically shake out old tension, stress, disappointments and regrets
- keep breathing
- release the old {journal or say out loud what you are ready to let go of}
- plant seeds of new {journal or verbalize what you are ready to create}

Under the January 2015 New Moon, I am planting seeds of . . .
- global cooperation
- supported and supportive energy flow
- an abundance of resources and love
- VIBRANCE: feeling alive and inspired every single day

I am ready to step into my own as a woman and create something new, inspired and radically beautiful. To connect like-minded souls on a larger stage. To connect all the dots. 2015 = infinite! I am ready to show the world that:
love is magnetic, unity is possible, hope is alive, and dreams can be reality. 

photo credit: klaus lange
my new moon alter from today's ceremony - candles, seashells, journal, 
crystals, and the angel card "Dana" - which is also my mama's first name :)


  1. I love it... Lit a candle, took a moment and started to journal. For the new moon, I release judgement of others. Judging on wealth, appearances and personality. I choose to be free of judgements and love ALL the same.

    I think less about small personal ego matters. I become more conscious, more powerful and closer to God.

    Thank you for the inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Beautiful New Moon intentions, Leslie! I think I'll join you on that one. {inhale: acceptance; exhale: judgement} and so it is! Much love to you.


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