Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer 2013 Bucket List

"Goals are dreams with deadlines."

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year and it seems to be flying right on by! Before any more time passes, I want to commit to a "bucket list" of things to do, see, eat and explore. During this magical time of year, the days are so much longer and there is a positively exuberant feeling of carpe-diem all around us. In the spirit of capturing this spontaneous energy and making Summer 2013 one to remember forever, here is my bucket list, Zen Girl-style:

  • Go for a night swim in the ocean
  • Picnic outside once a week
  • Dance until the sun comes up
  • Become a freak about using sunscreen
  • Eat at least one avocado a day
  • Commit to a morning ritual of warm water w/lemon
  • Plan a girls trip to Miami 
  • Go paddle boarding in Croatia
  • Use bicycling or walking as my primary mode of transportation
  • Make as much food as possible from scratch
     (pasta sauce, pizza dough, salad dressings)
  • Make a classic all-American pie full of summer berries from scratch
  • Update my vision board
  • Host a fabulous girls-only dinner party, with a theme!
  • Engage in a pranayama (breath) practice once a day
  • Teach yoga in Europe
  • Write my husband a love letter
  • Take my dog surfing
  • Re-read "The 4 Agreements"... this time, in Spanish!
  • Handstand at the Eiffel Tower 

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